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I have the mod in a near-releasable state, but not much has changed since last time -- a new set of weaponry and something close to the Realistic Combat Model, but not much else. The siege system is a long way from finished, though I've proof-of-concepted it successfully.

But I also need to pin down what I want to do with the story, the style of gameplay, and so on, and I really need to flesh out more of the setting. That'll do a lot to get me more NPCs, though; and some of the other recent releases have suggested some things for me. TLD's use of quest messages to display variables is worth remembering, and playing the awe-inspiring Battle for Sicily has reminded me that if I focus too much on the strategic elements of ASLOW, I'll get into territory where I'm pretty much outclassed... ;)

Anyhow, next release coming pretty soon. I'll try for a couple of days from now at the latest -- although it'll be more a matter of getting myself back into the habit. There should be more to come after that...

Ron Losey:

--- Quote from: ex_ottoyuhr on September 05, 2007, 08:45:36 PM ---... and something close to the Realistic Combat Model...

--- End quote ---

Now that's hardly fair. ::)  It's some of my best work ... well balanced, carefully planned.  I'm expecting it to be a lot more playable than the first-round RCM dev version of HW (that had to be reworked a dozen times to get it right).  Probably better than the RCM package for TLD, that even after a lot of hours by my beta-test team, was still buggy when I sent it to AW for inclusion in TLD 2.3.2 (which may never get released, at this rate). 

ASLOW will have a brilliant rendition of the Realistic Combat Model ... a very carefully planned version that was not easy to create within the culture confines of the various groups in ASLOW.  I consider it to be quite an accomplishment, really.

RCM fans will not be disappointed.  That I promise.

Good to see this mod is still moving forward. Remember, if you need any help, just post on Discussion and I'll do my best to sort it out.

Ron, I take it we need to talk further about this -- I'll send you an e-mail privately on where I currently am with regards to the RCM, item sets, and so on...

But, yes, things are still moving. What I need help with more than anything is working out the setting, which has been moving very slowly -- though it's obviously going to be pretty fundamental to the game...

Status update: I need to find the authors of Europa Universalis III and either kill them or give them a medal. Maybe both. I did a little less on this mod this week than I should have -- although most of what I'm stuck on right now is figuring out what the bleep to rename the kingdom currently known as Sivas. I'm leaning towards Kentucky. ;)


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