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Guardians Party in general
« on: August 27, 2007, 07:04:17 am »
I start to make things about Guardians party more readable, but I thing that I will need some time to finished this work.

mod with story
with many quest,
unusual weapons,
strong opponents,
hidden passages,
many strong heroines,
fast healing,
many chests
and fast upgrading.

But, a little bit unusual

Hy, my name is nema. As you know, you can find Guardians in many mods. Here they can join together, under your command, to defense Astral from evil.
Outlaws, killed by us, are uprisings under lead of Shadow Knights.
Shadow Knights are very dangerous opponents with their forces and skills at the limits of the game and their legions of dead warriors are equipped with best humans equipment and skills.
To defense the Astral are Guardians train and equip with classical or sometimes with more magical things, powers and skills.
The things are not always what you think, that they are. They are also able to recruiting warriors from anyone who survives their attack.
Guardians are especially masters of staffs and two-edged weapons. They can use them one or two handed, mount on not. Into their dresses and armors are something beyond physical understandings.
But as all ladies members of Guardians Order are capriciousness, so it is not so easy to invite them into your party.
And don’t forget that every Guardian Hero hide her chest with treasure somewhere.
Find me in the game.
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Re: Guardians Party in general
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2007, 07:11:05 am »

directory: HOW TO: LOWER SPEED !!! (read if you need it)
buy from Dionisia
troops name
Galadriel dress
Guardian helmet
interiors of Holy Ground and Tower
808 weapons wear
Zendar rebuild
Inventory Chest Locator (for all mods) fisheye
Essa, and Mora, find their places in Zendar
Arrasies find her place in Tower, and her speech
Merchants sell guardians staff – for now
Minor bugfix
rapid upgradings -  dark mod Python
rapid healing
sisters quests
All quests are imported
Traders are not sell guardians equipment any more
Minor bugfix
2 entrances in HOW TO CHANGE SPEED
nema - fast
novice - usual

0.5.1. Sister's quest
Sister's QUESTS
1.kidnapped girl
2.join guardians
3.find abacuses
4.defeat all kinds of undeads parties for sisters pleasure
5.battles for the castles (6 of them)
End of this iteration.
Whats new?
Expanded dialogs
and some sweet details - discover them alone.

polish of jedi robe and elven dress
polish of skyboxes
Highlander's formation script
Seff castle (with little repairing) battle in town
Magus robe
Priestess robe
new names for ex-male characters
Ornate Armor     by fisheye
reducing of testing bonus

polish of language     (partly done)
On special solicitation
of inconsolable brother Apollon,
I add possibility to be a male character.
Noting else.
Realistic Combat Model for Native


Horse healing
just one Gualterio
free woman/man entrance with its own story
battles with armies
quest of the darkness.
Lu_Bu_Halberd - by jik
brothers_sword1 - by jik
brothers_sword - by jik
brothers armor - random texture
dress of the darkness - random texture
Sounds (Battle sounds replacement pack by deBlade/Warrider Soundpack v1.2. by Arbalest//Janus/Fisheye/Cloppete/Janus)
Voices for female troops and undeads
everyinn chest
diary from priestess
darkness - new troops
brother guardian - new troops
new upgradeing tree, every one can become Guardian (male, female) and at the top - Darkess (also line from
undeads to Darkness)
dialogs of Ymira, Bonnie, Margot (juderiverman vision)
new horses for Fem guardians. - Chel's Horses Pack compiled by Leprechaun (v0.808)
castle bug fix
arena skins bug fix
bows for shadows
polish of language by aGorila
new parts of the story
Astral Portal

bonnie map conversation (I hope that now you will have no freezing any more)
lost chest (you didn't tell me that you already found it)
armor for men player (how can I fogrot this detail for mens? )
dark blade by Jaanus


42 new items (15 armors, 1 lizard, 3 shields, 23 weapons)
new races
new sounds for female troops

Oubliette with elfs weapons
Scourge Of God with two handed sword
Cartread  Help and contribution on many areas (new races, woman's dress model…)
DaBlade tips and help with womans voices, Black armor
nema: new armors, lizard, some compiled weapons from Oubliette collections


New names of towns.
Goblins and Humans replace Veagirs and Swedians, so now you can join to Goblins or Humans army if you want.
Text is now more in line with new troops and new weapons.
New walls textures.


New more realistic values for troops amnd weapons.
Travels with caravans to all towns from taverns.
Viking's weapons by Mirathei also on markets
Buy elf's staff from Dionisia
els's bow with arrows
goblin's weapons
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Re: Guardians Party in general
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2007, 07:23:58 am »
Guardians and their fashion


Ismilla           nema           Ymira           Suelita         Mora               Margo

Dionisia              Lilith               Bonnie         Galadriel       Essa


player            Priestess Aasiyah   Shadow Knight    Laia Thai      Xerina        Tayyibah      Durrdana

___________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________

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Re: Guardians Party in general
« Reply #3 on: August 27, 2007, 07:36:07 am »
I insert to my mod RCM for native. Ron describe work of it very well:

The RCM, in a word, did not do any economic balance.  It's just a damage rescale.  Economic balance is another issue, and depends on the particular mods ... that's actually one of the big "to-do" items for ONR.

Weight was the big difference on the armors ... a "reinforced" something made of leather still gives less protection than a shoddy suit of 60 pounds of iron, but it also weighs a lot less, and so doesn't slow you down nearly as much.  Not really a big issue from horse ... but if (when) your horse goes down, you've had it.  Now your horse WILL go down, instead of just plowing through everything like a tank, so that is an issue.  In ONR, if you don't know a lot about Japanese armors, you could miss that ... to the standards of Western armoring, a lot of Japanese armor looks the same.

Don't make the high-end armors too hard to get.  You need them early in this model, if you plan to keep leading your army.  Otherwise, stray fire will get you just about every time.  I advise playing with price more than requirements.  (Monkeying with requirements also means you have to go over your troops file again, to make sure they can use their equipment.  Potential for the "naked troops" bug.)

It is, really, just a remake of weapon stats - but the effect on the game goes deeper.

The only changes that are actually part of the RCM are weapon speed, damage, and damage type, armor protection, assorted stats like accuracy and shield resistances, and horse stats.  However, these changes are done in a way that highlights a lot of other points, like the difference between cut and pierce damage, or between infantry and mounted troops.

Any other changes, like troops balance in ONR, are not really part of the RCM.  Some of that was my work, but not specifically attached to the combat model project.  Also, most of the major mods are running/setting up custom versions of the RCM (mostly customized by me).  Some of the custom versions have other work attached to them as well, although not part of the basic conversion. 

Where the RCM is "more than that" - well, that comes from a growing fan base, many of whom will no longer play mods that use the native-based damage models.  That was not my doing.  I had no idea it would become this big.  When I first put it to pencil and paper for ONR, I wasn't even sure it would be playable.  (It only made it into ONR because of the support of Fujiwara and Triglav, who fell in love with the new model immediately.)  Instead, it has swept the mod community... and now I have RCM fans continually asking when certain mods will be converted.  That is where it became "more than that".
Well of course he said:

Guardians Party - Nema's dream world is adopting the RCM scale... but it includes so many deliberately unbalanced purely fantasy items that it cannot really be called a "Realistic Combat Model" version as such.  It's more like D&D on LSD.  It's sort of appealing, in a psychedelic sort of way...(Not one of my custom ports, although I am advising.)

I agree. And yes, the things goes deeper. I try to adapt my fantasy weapons and armors to native RCM. But I am not succeed at all points. Yeah its fantasy, not real word any way. So you can not find perfect balance as in perfect Ron's works. And also, you can find some very powerful weapons in my mod. But after I testing them I must said that I didn’t find real differences between 100 and 244 hit points for weapon. In both case you are down with one or maybe two hits. You can learn in Zendar that most important is to strike at right moment. If you miss, you are dead, it is hard to get one more chance. I also believe that if some one hit you with the laser weapon you are down in the second even if such weapon is not right in line with classical ones.

But cause things goes deeper, his revolutionarily idea put upside down my former concept.
Some weapons become shorter and slower.  But horses are become even faster because in comparing with  RCM, my horses become really lame.