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Guardians Party 1.2.3. Tips with pictures
« on: August 27, 2007, 06:50:24 am »

Astral Land, check for north sign on the right sight

Astral Portal

Here you will choose your fate

Try to take some weapons with you if you will leave trough...

And what do I found here?

Next step is ON

(visit trainer,



Dionisia can inprove your Dark Blade... and sell you some interesting weapons)

She will give you good paying job and weapon

In Four Ways Inn tavern you can buy interesting things, especialy first days. Help Margo, and drink something for small tips or travel with caravans for free from each tavern in Land.

Here you will find chest, same for all inns.

There are many teleports. Most important are on Holy ground, and in every inn. Ask keepers.

but you will find them also in Astral portal, For Ways Inn - town and in Abbey.

The Tower of The Lake, (Four ways inn - town)

 here you will find Ymira


In Nagual you will find chest

and Bonnie. Please help her.

Visit Oracle with poison cloud

And if you forgot your quest, answer is also there

If you will walk to Abbey,

 it is here.

There is nema with her pet.

Climb to her chest.

Help to find kidnapped girl. She can fight with you

or when she back home, heal your troops.

And if you have a time, check for abacus shields if you like more teleports, fast upgradeing and some extra troop.

Visit some goblins town

in Tir there is a chest

Maybe you will visit arenas


horse found Gor chest

Build your army

If you need troops, ask them...

They will help you

Guardians castles are hiden in the woods. Check them also trough Astral Portal doors.

There are such signed chests

Sister will take you to their order if you will find them all.

It is not important if your enemy is strong. Use lance and horse and task will be easy.
I killed 14. of them in my very first battle, and with next 3. I save kidnapped girl. So, don't tell me, that they are too strong. I will not believe you.

She can help you with horses.

There are only 11 members of the order. Who will leave when they take you.

Choose your weapon...

and win the day

talk with them...

for some tip

fast opponets you will defeat at mountains
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Re: Guardians Party 1.2.3. Tips with pictures
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And if you try to remove this item trough not black background you will see this: