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Sand, fields, cracked skulls stained in blood. Dark Ages of Calradia is a large modification of Mount & Blade, set in the lands of Calradia many centuries before what we know as the native Calradia found in the original version.

The situation is tense, the swadian intruders have grown strong and are threatening the Calradian alliance from the north-west. The primitive khudans are literally tearing eastern Calradia down, only held back by the old calradian bloodlust and cynicm the highlander calradians possess. The halfnaked radoghirs, poor and primitive, but large in numbers, have managed to push back the sunonians former advancement - reclaiming the holy desert waste. The radoghir savageness seems to  stand up to the rich and well organized army of the People of Suno. If anybody succeeds to overrun the calradians, the lands of mighty Veluca is what they will stand in front of. Close combat specialists, fighting ancient style, will be an almost impossible task, even for the zealous, fanatical swadians.

It is the dark ages. Choose your side, make your mark on this world. The history of Calradia is written in rivers of blood.

Current projects:

* Writing the History of Calradia
* Graphics: shaders
* Porting from 0.751 to 0.808
* Map


* luigi - thanks for his extensive collection of weapons
* chel - thanks for his 20+ additional horses

Planned integrated mods:

* CraftMod

History of Calradia
Under development

Strong, fanatical, heartless, manipulative.

Main leader: The Allfather

From the old coasts of Swadia, Great Mesah landed 16 years ago at the banks of the calradian coast near Tihr. Mesah`s huge army swept over Tihr like an immense wave, making Tihr falling easily into the grip of Mesah. Calradia was hit hard by the loss of her`s prospering trading center, and there was no doubt in Praven that they were dealing with a long planned invasion. When Mesah reached Sargoth few weeks later, they encountered an unexpected, though resistance. Even though swadian soliders claimed both the walls and the main gate of Sargoth, they were outsmarted by Chamon, marshall of Praven. Launching the trap, the majority of the swadians were right down slaughtered. They say Chamon and his men fought so corageous they made Mesah so scared he attempted to escape the final engagement. He died with a calradian spear in his heart, and a staggering fright in his eyes. The walls of Sargoth was still calradian.
Few months later, the kings of old Swadia shipped their forces in even greater numbers under the command of a religious leader named Qidan. His intolerance and cynical values were demonstraded in villages lying towards Sargoth, executing whole populations. This time the swadians faced the calradians at the fields outside of Sargoth, the calradian army lead by the king of Sargoth, the king of Praven, and his two sons. The calradian army cold however not match the professional swadian soliders. First losing, then tragedy, massacre. The walls of Sargoth could not withstand the machinery of war Qidan brought, and this time the city fell. The defender, marshall Chamon, was tortured to death in public few days after the swadian conquest. New Swadia had now a powerful position in Calradia, being a threat to all lands inside the large calradian mountains.
Zin fell five years later into the hands of Samon. The People of Suno, velucans and calradians had to give her up after five hard years of a very bloody war. The grip of the religious around this city.was to be unique and  unmatched in New Swadia; not even the old calradian loyalists in Sargoth faced the perverted destiniy of the average calradian in Zin.

Religious laws were immediately imposed in the whole region after the fall of Zin, by orders from the Allfather of All in Old Swadia. Qidan has, under blessing from both the swadian kings and the Allfather, been set to rule New Swadia.

Allfather is the Allfather of all Calradia. It is a deadly sin to reject the Allmighty and the Allfather, and them who do, should burn a thousand eternities in the flames of hell.

Isolated, raiders, nordic, barbaric

Among the new kingdoms in Calradia, the Kingdom of Khuda is the oldest. Over a century ago, north eastern barbarians went from random plundering to warfare. Emerging from across the eastern mountains, they managed to get a foothold in the east-calradian region named Khudan. The barbarians achieved some grotesque victories during the first years, and finally they could establish the Kingdom of Khuda. Khudan kings have never had the ambition, nor personality, to be a large threat to central Calradia. But their soliders are among the most brutal savages known to man. Calradian chiefs have had an ongoing war with the khudan kings since their one century old advancement, and have yet to drive them back into a defensive position.

This is under development and experimental.

Very experimental agricultural texture.

Brigadier Hussey:
Oooh grand are you back to work on the mod now Scion?
SOmebody give that man a sub forum!

Is looking nice!

Woo, first post! Hey all, good luck with your mod, Scion.

Yeah I`ll continue as much as time and motivation permits.

I don`t need a subforum, in fact except from the coolness of having your own subforum, I wouldn`t know what to do with it really. Anyway, I`ll try to keep important updates and previews in my first two posts from now on.


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