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several questions
« on: July 30, 2007, 01:24:13 am »
A. When is the next version coming out? I want my delicious Samurai loot
B. Could one of the devs write a guide that tells you what quests/areas are working at the moment, so I don't spend time wandering around in lifeless areas while missing cools quests
C. What is samurai armor made of? I remember one book saying it was mostly constructed of laquered wood, but this was quite some time ago so i probably misremembered it.

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Re: several questions
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2007, 02:32:58 am »
Let's see:

A.  The next version is whenever we get the bloody thing together.  I've put about 100 hours into ONR this last week, but Fujiwara has been off-line, so we're sort of not firing on all cylinders, if you follow me.  Although we've had intermittent help from a number of other people, most of this is being done by the two of us right now ... and I seldom know what I'm doing when it comes to technical computer stuff - plus I'm tied up in several other mods as well.

B.  Stuff has been changing so fast that we're never sure what is or is not working.  In general, however, assume that most quests are still on the to-do list.  Just entertain yourself by bashing things until we get more things to do ... it could be a long time.

C.  Most Japanese armors were laced lamellar construction, using either iron or lacquer-hardened leather kozane (scales) and usually silk cord.  (Most in the mod are marked as either iron or leather.)  Later period used some hardened steel European-type breastplates integrated into the design, but that was after our mod.  Kikko was a brigandine used off-and-on for centuries, but it only makes an appearance in this mod as an improvised peasant armor (and maybe later, a horse armor) - it was also either iron or hardened leather.  The use of bone or bamboo in armors was extremely rare in Japan, although more common in Malaysia and some parts of Central Asia.  Carved hardwood for armor, as far as I know, was only used in a few of the facemasks of horse armors - and armored horses were quite rare in Japan (although we hope to add a few armored horse for the generals soon).  Run a search on the 'net and see how much information is out there - Japanese armors are really quite well documented, as a large number of them have survived (unlike their European counterparts, few of which remain).