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ASLOW is excellent!
« on: July 18, 2007, 12:57:32 am »

I'm posting to state my complete enjoyment with A Shield Lying On The Water -- what a great idea. I know there are a lot of elements incomplete or missing, but the potential here is just amazing. Future versions of this mod are going to be absolutely stellar. I've only recently purchased a serial key for Mount and Blade, and have been trying out several mods to see all the neat things it can do. This particular mod had a lot to do with that (the sheer fun of combat in M&B helped).

This is definitely one of my favorites, although I know the person in charge of it is exceptionally busy and unable to devote tons of time to its development.

If anyone is reading this post and wondering if they should try the mod, by all means try it! Some aspects of it need tweaked, but you can get a great idea for how special it really is. Imagine a fictional world with an interesting premise, the promise of an excellent story, the chance to live as a prince, deal with military sieges, diplomacy, taxes ... it's pretty amazing.

Right now my favorite mods (I have yet to try them all) are TLD, Onin No Ran (I need to explore this one more, but the combat feels excellent), and this one. I'm going to give the Mesoamerican Mod a shot here in a few minutes, then spend some more time with Onin No Ran.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what ASLOW looks like when it's more finished. It's still a lot of fun now, though. :) I wish there was some way I could help, but I'm only just starting to learn how to model with Maya and I really can't draw at all.

(If you read this Ron Losey, I'm jealous of your knowledge and talents in creating the RCM. I can't wait to see it with ASLOW. And ex_ottoyuhr, I love the entire concept you've come up with. I hope you find the time and desire to work on it some more, amazing stuff!)

Heh, how hard is it to mod M&B anyway? Could I figure out how to do a few things in a couple of spare weekends? I'm a beginner with programming in C# and Python (just enough knowledge to meet my job requirements, and I am not a programmer) if that has any impact. I love technology. :P

Again, thank you guys for working on this mod. I cannot wait to play it through when the story is fully in place.

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Re: ASLOW is excellent!
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2007, 01:18:26 am »
Glad you like the RCM ... It's been a lot of fun to create.  Seeing ASLOW converted to it will be a nice touch...

Unfortunately, my work on ONR, the RCM version for TLD, Holy War (which may never get released at this rate), and occasionally Mesoamerica, means that I'm not as much help on ASLOW as I probably could be.  Recently, I've been expanding to graphics, starting with retexturing all the blades in ONR.  (You know how many blades there are in ONR?  It's stunning, really...)

M&B is not hard to mod.  I know little about programming or graphics, except what I have taught myself in the last six months or so of mod work on M&B.  There are plenty of tutorials around - just pick one where you want to start, and go for it.  (I do advise you pick ONE - models, textures, or Python code - not try to learn everything at once.  Few people here do everything.  That's normal.)

Seth H

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Re: ASLOW is excellent!
« Reply #2 on: July 18, 2007, 06:07:38 am »
Ron, I fell in the love with your RCM during my first battle (which was on horseback). I was blown away -- the horses actually move like horses now! The combat overall just feels ... better is the only way I can describe it. It's an amazing experience that adds a lot to the game. I'd go so far as to say the RCM should be included (or at least an option) in the stock game.

I'm going to spend some more time with Mesoamerica -- I downloaded it because it used the RCM ... wow. Another great mod. I can't decide which faction to focus on first.

Thank you for the suggestions on learning to mod this great game. I'll check a few things out this weekend and decide where to focus.

Meanwhile, I'm eagerly awaiting a few other mods ... The Holy War especially. I still wish I'd taken history as my major.

Thanks again for your efforts, and I'm very excited to hear you're enthusiastic about continuing to work with Mount & Blade.

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Re: ASLOW is excellent!
« Reply #3 on: July 21, 2007, 11:53:00 am »
All right! Nice to hear that I'm still getting new fans even now, *this* long after my last release... Don't worry, I'm going to do my best to keep things moving a little better...

To answer your question on the difficulty of modding: It's not really very hard at all. It's more like scripting than programming -- your Python experience will be more useful than your C# -- although there are some very powerful programming-type extensions. Documentation of the module system is a lot better than it was when I started, and it shouldn't take too long to get used to once you get your head wrapped around the control structures.

Of course, M&B-script uses exception handling as its only flow of control, so wrapping your head around the control structures may be a tall order...