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Do you guys take donation?

If they say no... You can give it to me. As a dedicated player of this mod it is almost the same...

Or me, I have nothing to do with this mod, but well...

I only want my money to go towards the progress of the mod.  :-\

Ron Losey:
Ex_otto is kind of busy at the moment - he's headed back to school, as it were.  Therefore, his frequency of contact with this board is shaky at best.

I don't really think he considers himself a charity that takes donations, but if you really want to help, contact him by PM and see what can be done.  Again, his response may be delayed, as he may be really busy at the moment.

My part on this is only delayed by ex_otto being out-of-pocket, and by the fact I'm also working on pretty much every other major mod at the moment.  (Right now it's ONR and the soon-to-be-released RCM version for TLD.)  I'm off for the summer, still drawing a salary ... so in great irony, money wouldn't help me a darn bit right now.  (I don't have a lot of extra, mind you, and it's all in Chinese Renminbi that can't be converted to "hard currency" very easily... but I have quite enough of it for the moment.)  So I am not a charity.

At the moment, aside from Raz over on Holy War donating some models/textures, I don't think anybody else is doing much for this mod.  It's hard to get organized when ex_otto is busy much of the time.

Most of these mods are done as a hobby.  The best thing you could do to help is to actually help with the mod.  I know ASLOW could use concept artists and graphics people ... anyone interested in that should get with ex_otto by PM and try to get a feel for what he is looking for.


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