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Prison Trains
« on: July 12, 2007, 09:59:36 AM »
I have to say the Tlaxcaltec prison train makes the Mexica faction the easiest to play. This also applies for the Spaniard faction, but eventually if you want to "win" this supply of troops runs out. The Tlaxcaltec prison trains have Eagle Warriors (around 5) Veteran Bowmen (around 8 ) and bandits (around 2). Eagle Warriors are the highest level of infantry, Veteran Bowmen being one step lower from top rank of ranged, and bandits just being extra fodder. Since Tlaxcaltces only have one base, this makes it easy to spot these prison trains as well. Compared to that the Mexica prison train has Tlax Veteran Warrior (around 5) Tlax Novice Warrior (around 8 ) and bandits (around 2). The Mexica prison trains are also harder to find due to the fact that all the cities are right next to each other, unless you get lucky and find one going to Cholula.

I'm not asking for anything to be nerfed, but for prison trains to be strengthened. The Tlaxcaltec prison train is good, but the Mexica one should have a bit stronger troops, such as replace novice warriors with regular bowmen. Due to the mature of this mod having high damage ratios, large infantry combat, and the desire for fighter apprentices to really want to die in battle, prison trains should be the source for your troops then to raise them from scratch. Its really irritating to have your elite pole-arm men who took about 8 battles to finally become it die from the Tezo spear of some novice warrior. Perhaps the pirates can be made into their own faction and have Spanish troops in their prison trains?

Opinions are welcome.

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Re: Prison Trains
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2007, 05:27:40 PM »
hmmm you have a good point, I'll add that thing about the tlaxcaltec prisoner trains vs mnexica prisoner trains to my to do list and try to balance them out better for the next version ;)

About pirates, I think they should be able to have any kind of prisoners and yes, they do have their own faciton already, but they spawn all too often methinks, there weren't so many pirates back then wandering "the new world" after all

thanks for the suggestions, next time try to post them in the suggestions thread though :D