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1st model thread in this forum? :-\ I'm all fancy-pantsy and stuff.

I made a skeleton human for M&B, so I figured I'd make the horse ::)...I don't have plans to use it in Hero & Blade.
The skeleton troop & skeletal horse can be used in any mod without asking my permission, but PMing me about how you'll use it would be nice.
You can download it from the repository here:

The zip file contains a .brf with all meshes,materials,& textures, and 3 .dds' for a skeleton troop, skeleton horse, & partially transparent skeleton troop and horse.
No python lines or anything are included.  If you need help putting them in-game, post here or PM.

That looks brilliant! Nice job man.

Curses! Looks like I'll have to scrap mine then!  :P

Great job Cartread. Is it all right to use it in Warhammer Mod?  :)

Nice work! I would definitely like to use this in darkmod.

Just a thought, but a version with some kind of saddle and reins might be handy for some modders.


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