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The Return of Red Company - New mercenary troops, for M&B .808

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The Yogi:
This will be a minor mod of Native, adding only what I think it lacks the most - a final goal.


In Zendar, two new NPCs can be found; Rostal, a grizzled Sergeant, survivor of the once famous but now defunct mercenary troupe Red Company and his charge Zeer, a bitter young Swordsister who dreams about nothing but revenge.

Adding them to your party will allow you to recruit all sorts of  Farmers and Peasants to form a new Red Company with unique troop types, but they will only do so in exchange for your promise to help them achieve their vengeance on the traitorous Lieutenant who caused the destruction of  the original The Red Company during the Vaegir Rebellion, and who murdered Zeer's father, the Captain of the Company.

In return for his services to the Vaegir cause, the traitor was rewarded with a Barony not far from Tulga. Since then he has gone renegade again, and now all of Calradia, Vaegir and Swadian alike fear the roving Dark Knights of Baron Radogh, Lord of Radoghir Castle!

If you accept, a quest will be added with the goal of taking Radoghir Castle (which will be VERY heavily defended by Dark Knights) and killing the Baron. I'll try to make it so that you won't even be able to consider launching an attack until very late into the game, and if possible (don't know if it is) also that you can weaken the garrisson by killing off groups of Dark Knights. There will certainly be a climactic final battle in the main hall of the Castle, when you get to cross swords with Radogh himself.

Basic types
(mounted) Scout/Footman

Mailed Swordsman/Halberdier
Armoured Swordsman/Halberdier

Mailed Horseman/Lancer
Armoured Horseman/Lancer

Mailed Archer
Armoured Archer

EDIT: To be able to get something out ASAP, the first version will only include the NPCs and troops of Red Company, not the quest itself.

DOWNLOAD the latest version (v0.11b)


* Red Company Troop types, including Recruits=> Footmen and (mounted) Scouts, => Three tiers each of Swordsmen, Pikemen, Lancers, Horsemen (Sword & Shield Cav) and Archers for a grand total of 17 new troop types! Done!
* Conversion of Farmers and peasants to first tier Red Company recruits (lvl 5) through dialouge with Rostal. Done!
* NPC Rostal Done!
* Rostal dialogue Done! (although not quest-specific dialouge)
* NPC Zeer Done!
* Zeer dialogue Done! (although not quest-specific dialouge)
* NPC Baron RadoghDone!
* Baron Radogh dialogue Not Started!
* Main QuestUnder construction!
* Revamp of Rhadogir CastleDone!
* Rhadogir Castle interior scenes Not Started!
* Linking of fights with Dark Knights with Rhadogir garrisson Not Started!
...and (totally unrelated to the above)...

* Removed Broadsword from all troop types and replaced with Falchion or Scimitar as appropiate (since they're oversized, ugly, ridiculous monstrosities without historical precedent and I hate them). Done!
* Native swords are oversized - MIGHT resize them down to be to scale with people (about 80-85% of present size) and alter Reach accordingly. A bastard sword should be about the current length of a standard sword. Done in separate mod![/list]

Sounds great! Is it going to have any new models/textures?

The Yogi:

--- Quote from: Albino on May 04, 2007, 07:49:52 PM ---Sounds great! Is it going to have any new models/textures?

--- End quote ---

Nope. This will be purely a script mod.

EDIT: I'm now wavering on that one. There might be some new armour textures eventually, and maybe also some changes to some existing models (nothing major though).

But there might also be a few sub-quests on the way, like finding a suitable HQ for the Company. The first one will be the Training Camp near Zendar, and later maybe Culmar Castle, all in order to prepare for the final assault on Radoghir Castle.

And maybe some reaction by the Baron... scripted, non-random battles, we'll see if I can manage.

The Yogi:
I'm adding a poll about the pole-arm infantry of Red Company. I had first envisioned pike-men, but then had a look at the glaive and am now leaning towards that as a more versatile weapon. What do you think?

Ron Losey:
If you're using all Native equipment, you can throw in the RCM for Native for absolutely no effort ... just download it and insert the files. 

Could also be thrown in afterwards, again if all equipment is Native.

If you want to add/change a bunch of items ... well, that can be arranged too.

I agree that Native M&B needs a quest or goal, or at least some standard to measure accomplishment.  I hope you get this working.


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