Author Topic: Storymod Chapter 1 v1.5: Bug Reports -- Read first post before posting  (Read 5634 times)

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Post your bug/problem reports here, and I will read them! However . . .

There are several issues in Storymod that are carried over from Native, and are therefore beyond my power to fix. Do not bother to post about the following:

Crashes straight to desktop (without an error message) during dialogue. This is M&B's random dialogue crash bug.
Brass-hilted swords appearing bronze in inventory
Crashes during faction quests
Crashes during the dungeon crawl -- These are mainly due to having insufficient memory to load the scene. If you have little RAM, try upgrading or make more memory available in your system configuration.

As of 20/11/2006, Storymod Chapter 1 support has come to an end. Only Craftmod-related bugs will be investigated from now on.

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