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Adobe ImageReady CS2: freeware 'Photoshop'
« on: March 26, 2007, 06:55:59 am »
For those of you who lack the funds for Photoshop, or can't find a way to rationalize spending several hundred dollars on it, there may be an easy solution...

Adobe ImageReady CS2 is a freeware program that works alongside Photoshop CS2, and is nearly identical to it. Nearly all of the editing options and tools are included in this program, except for the handy paintbrush with all the special options like airbrush, (there is still a basic brush with editable brush shape, colour, and effects like burn, darken, etc). For many who like to paint their own textures or images, this might be a drawback and you might want to buy the real thing anyways, but for those who just want a versatile or feature-full editor, this should be more than adequate. Also, the tools are somewhat less organised and it often takes a little bit of searching to find them - but it wouldn't take much longer than in Photoshop...and from what I've seen, much less than in Gimp...

So, how do you get this program?

Simple. Download the Photoshop trial version (here's the page to find it on) and install it....ImageReady comes along with it.

Saving: (No catches, just a very slightly different method)

If you use the regular "save" function, it is only able to save as a *.psd file (regular photoshop which saves the layers), and will need another program like IrfanView to convert the file into *.bmp for use in M&B.

However, if you want to save it as something else, I have recently found out that this is possible! *queue victory music* 
You can choose from the File menu the option "Export". Then select "Layer as File". This takes you to a box where you can choose which layers to save, and under what format. There are quite a few format options: the regular ones like .jpeg, .gif, and .bmp, and then there are a few other ones as well. The important thing is that you can save it as *.bmp which is what is needed for the texture files. Sooo..... no more other program like IrfanView needed to convert file types!
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