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Forgotten Glory 0.3 - Python installation corrupted so dead until further notice

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May as well get this started.

Open Beta is OUT on the Repository. Enjoy, everyone.

Current features (lots, LOTS more to come):

* A few tweaks to towns.
* Loads of new horses.
* Horse merchants!
* Loads of cool new troops - screenshots forthcoming.
* A few new heroes.
* Recruit from/kill your prisoners.
* Fixed as many errors in the conversation as I could find
* New Salt Mine
* New Four Ways Inn
* Zendar Farm

Visit the forums and help me populate the dead boards!
Chat about anything, roleplay, discuss politics, whatever! - New address, you can send things to there.

The contributors:

* Me - scripting (slowly)
* Madsalty - textures
* Chel - textures
* Tomato - armours and textures
* Ryuta - textures
* SolemnTear - textures
* maw - code, glorious code
* Silverkatana - Dionisia
* Winter - Craftmod
* Seff - scenes
* Gerec - weapons
* stoned-dude - shiny things that look sharp and purdyVarious other modders from whom I've appropriated some lovely stuff. You know who you are, and I hope you know I'm grateful.

Winter, Janus, Yoshiboy, fisheye, Thorgrim and maw for being limitless fountains of knowledge and inspiration, and for having the patience to answer my noob questions.

The dev team for making such a great game.

Forthcoming/planned features:

For the next version:

* Better prisoner recruitment system, eat your prisoners - done
* Eight new castles, three each for the Vaegirs and Swadians, two for someone else - in progress
* Four new factions - in progress
* Shiny water on the world map, with other improvements. - done
* Capturable towns and castles, so you can really make progress in the war for the Vaegirs and Swadians, or you can carve out your own kingdom. - in progress
* Expanded troop trees for all factions, for more variety and tactical options - in progress
* More items, including but not limited to weaponry, horses and shields - in progress
* Peasant factions will be attackable - you can go to war with all of Calradia, if you want to. - not under way yet
* Dionisia and Craftmod both incorporated - not under way yet
* Lots more heroes - in progress
* A few little nuggets of comedy to liven things up a bit. - in progress
For later versions:

* Bigger cities with more to do - like merchants separated into more types selling more specific items - in progress
* More varied and interesting quests, sometimes given as one-offs by people you meet in cities - talk to everyone! - not under way yet
* Lots more conversation, with lots of people. Even totally irrelevant things like chats about the weather will be in there. - not under way yet
* People walking around in cities - not under way yet
* Faction relations will have more relevance to the game - not under way yet
* Parties respond to external stimuli - if a caravan between two towns is attacked regularly, the number of escorts will increase. If it's left alone, they go down - not under way yet
* Diplomatic relations between factions - if you hurt both of them enough, the Swadians and Vaegirs may even form an alliance against you! - not under way yet
* An expanded economic system, affecting the game world - not under way yet

Things I need doing:

Blue: Needs doing.
Purple: Done to some extent, but still open for more
Red: These are being done
Green: I've got it covered myself

* Foals of the different horses and stags. For Horse-breeding by Borcha. These need doing.
* Minor detail - a glowing-hot sword for display on the anvil in Jabbara's smithy. Should be able to do that myself, if it's just a particle effect.
* Crests for Vaegirs, Swadians, Antler Knights, Dark Knights, Black Khergits and Khergits, Rhodoks and Barbarians. These need doing.
* Pictures for Items - for now, just wood, gunpowder, jewels, leather and metal. To be bought and sold. - SolemnTear, but the items need modelling and more are always welcome
* A farm icon for the map. Madsalty - in progress
* Khergit (not black khergit, just Khergit) settlement meshes, so skin tents etc. Possibly Dynamite Cow.
* Stag meshes. Crazed Rabbit - done. Now I need a .dds file for it.
* Helmets with huge and magnificent antlers. These need doing.
* For the Khergits, a few extra bits of armour and weaponry similar to the Black Khergits (not essential). Tomato, ______?
* Inquisition armour and weaponry. Tomato - done, with improvements in progress.
* Extra environment improvements. Madsalty - doing now
* Extra armour and robes etc. Various contributors, but more are always welcome

Reserved for picture flood.

New bets!
Zendar Farm:
Champion horse:
Black courser:
New textures (floor in this pic, but there are more):

There are loads more screenshots on the way, when I get round to taking them. Maybe even a video or two.

Posting guidelines:

I'd like to keep this thread more organised than the last one over at TaleWorlds. To this end, I'd appreciate it if you could edit the subject of your posts to one of the following tags, to help me keep track of the goings-on:

Community question                      - For members of the community submitting queries about what I intend to do in this mod.
Community screenshot                  - For members of the community to share screenshots of the mod.

Team question                             - For team members to ask for clarification etc of tasks.
Component submission                  - For any contributor to post work they're sending me.
Component screenshot                  - For team members to submit screenshots of contributions for me to take a look at.
Help request                                 - For the team to request help with a problem
Update v_._                                  - For me to announce updates to the mod.
Announcement                              - For me to announce progress/nonprogress with the mod
Feature(s)                                    - For me to post planned features

Obviously if the post fits none of these categories don't use a tag.


Will the next version allow for bigger parties?

If you mean more people in enemy parties, yes, there will be higher maximum limits on the number of NPC parties.

Oh, and messenger, I added it after your post, but take a look at the post above yours - tags to use for your posting. So, would you mind, as a practice, changing the subject of your post to

Re: Forgotten Glory v0.3: Community question

to see how well the tags will work?


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