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Speed and Stability mod for Last Days 3_23

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Mod    Speed&Stability 1.0    for mod Last Days v.3.23


- improve mod game speed and stability.
- fix or reduce number RGL error’s with vertex buffer memory.
- if you don’t need speed , you may increase units number.

Mount&Blade used LODs (Level Of Detail) system for improve game performance but unfortunately not all models in original Last Days have LODs .
Same gamers ( and I too ) have RGL error’s with vertex buffer memory, reduce number polygons fix this problem .
Must work with most mods for Last Days, but you need first install Speed&Stability and after another mods.
For increase speed and stability I make:
- LODs for all other models in Last Days module ( more then 600 ) .
- Remake all models for spawn items ( arrows, thrown spears and axe ) for low poly. For spawn object lods not work.
   Big problem if hundreds archers spawn hundreds arrows in one time (special in siege).
- Optimize textures (Resize few textures for small object. Add mipmaps for objects, remove mipmaps for interface. Remove not needed alpha channel).
- Make animated lod1 for all staff (quiver, bow, scabbard and other).

If you dont have more problem with crash with RGL error , but have crash with Newton.dll - disable ragdoll (or maybe reduce unit number).
Newton.dll - old physic engine in M&B , it work for regdoll and collisions.
If you have 4 Gb (3.5 for 32 bit) you can enable Large Address for M&B exe , and for you Operation System , its fully remove problem.

INSTALLATION : run Speed_and_Stability_LD.exe and choose <Mount&Blade mod Last Days v.3.23> folder.

I make before same mod for Native 1.11:

Thx a lot!
I'll try it.  ;)

OK guys, if this helps other people too, I'll put it up in the Optimization thread.

Good , just test it and write you opinion for other users. Add few pics with 400 units battle Rohan vs Isengard. Without mod i have crash with 200 units. BTW Rohan loose , wolf riders crash all infantry easily.

Thank you, MAXHARDMAN! You are the hero.

This was the issue I never mustered enough dedication to finish, there were so many LODs...


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