Author Topic: Well opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.  (Read 6880 times)

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Well opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.
« on: October 11, 2012, 10:20:02 am »
I've been playing C-rpg mod a lot recently. And I've noticed a very strong Anti-Far East mentality, especially towards Japanese gear.

Recently someone posted this
The katana is a niche weapon and in reality would have been superseded by the long sword overnight if the quality of steel was available. The katana has a very low str requirement and very high speed in these respects it is a very good weapon. The long sword has reach and a decent stab it is fair as katana stabs would have bounced of even the poorest metal armour and could have even shattered on impact with plate or if caught in the armour and bent.

The topic was in regards to the Katana in C-rpg mod having ridiculously low pierce damage on it's thrust.
To give you a better idea.

Bastard sword
Thrust 21 Pierce

Heavy Bastard sword
Thrust 23 Pierce

Thrust 23 Pierce

Long Spiked club
Thrust 17 Blunt

Practice Longsword
Thrust 14 Blunt

Thrust 16 Pierce

No thrust

I think what this guy has posted sounds like a lot of shite personally, especially the whole "shattered on impact" and "bent" part.

He also implies that the Longsword would be able to pierce Plate, whereas the Katana would not, when in actual fact, I would say neither would pierce Plate, as swords are pretty ineffective against armor.

But I'm no expert, so I'm wondering what people's opinion of his post, here are. And also on the stats of the Katana/Nodachi thrust in comparison to the other weapons. I personally think 20 Pierce would be about right, but would probably have to compromise to 19 Pierce with these Xenophobes, for the Katana thrust.

Here is the topic this post is from

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Re: Well opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.
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Here's some more of the same stuff.

Because of the poor average quality of iron sand based steel and the inferior craftmanship of Japanese weaponsmiths in the 13th century, such a katana would shatter easily when thrusted with full force towards superior European metal armour. We have no weapon breaking system so we simply assume that the unfortunate wretch that has to fight with a katana knows that and thus stabs very carefully with light to moderate force. Thats why the thrust base damage is that low.

Would appreciate an opinion on this from here, as I know you guys are really knowledgeable about these things. 

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