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Important threads collection (including submods)
« on: February 22, 2012, 11:04:59 am »
TLD Podcast *latest episode - 02*
Thanks for making TLD!

Hotfix 2 (TLD 3.12): rebalanced faction strength, etc.
What can you help TLD with
Faction Rewards/Companion/Traits List


Bladnir's TLD rebalanced (more up to date than RCM):,3250.0.html

Combat Damage Model (RCM) - famous submod, designed to model combat more realistically in M&B. This is its version for TLD.,2492.300.html - forum thread for RCM. - the link to current up-to-date RCM version. - you should overwrite the item_kinds1.txt in that version with this file. There were a couple new weapons and armors added and GA forgot to update their values. This file updates them. - an optional troop file. It corrects some mistakes and inconsistencies (like 0 Horse Archery skill for some horse archers) and buffs Dale and Rhun a bit.

Companion recruitment with resource points instead of influence mini-mod - this submod changes companion recruitment to be priced in resource points instead of influence. Influence prices are very steep in current TLD version and companions are hard to recruit.,2675.0.html - forum thread. - the link to current up-to-date version of the submod.

Female armor meshes for TLD - this submod adds female meshes for most armors present in TLD.,2489.0.html - forum thread. - for 3.0 only. - current up-to-date download link.

Control your forces by voice - a script that allows the player to control his forces by voice commands.,2641.0.html - forum thread with description, script text and links to necessary software.

Grothag's rebalancing of equipment and troop stats - this submod is based on RCM equipment stats, but introduces some changes to them and to the troops.,2708.0.html - detailed description and discussion. - download link to the up-to-date version of the submod.

Warband-like animations:,2889.0.html
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