Author Topic: M&B WFaS, some interesting ideas, need help for scripts  (Read 3607 times)


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M&B WFaS, some interesting ideas, need help for scripts
« on: December 26, 2011, 10:51:31 am »
Hello dear friends. We have some ideas to add, for making game process of this game much interesting and funny.

First of all, we want to make a function for server's admins to "Freeze" players.That function will be useful during Clan training, for example, to stop some "bad" players.

Then we are planning to create a hot keys for the teleport function.It will be useful for admins not to click through million windows to do what he wants.For example.Admin has nickname "xxx". We want to compare teleport function with stated nick(xxx). So, admin press, for example, "K" and teleports without clicking on admin window.

Third thing, we want to add is "invisible admin's log". As you know, when admin does something from admin's panel, it appears in the chat in red colour.We want to hide that sentences connected with admin's actions.We don't want to hide ALL "red sentences". Poll, for example, must be visible.

And the last thing, we want to add is...Unic clan clothes!!)When admin joins his server, he got an option to "dress" himself and the other clan members in unic armour with stated characteristics.We are Russian clan and want to add Moscow Reiter Armor.Also, to keep some sort of balance( :D ), we want to use it in all types of maps except siege and battle.Is it really to create?

We have an assumption how to realize that all, but we need your help in that things, guys.) I'm sure, u will get reward.)

Well, i think, if u know how make it in WB u can help me :)


P.S. We used admin-tool by Poul for WFaS,209127.msg4975319.html#msg4975319