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TLD 3.3 Crashes/Performance/Optimization tips
« on: November 04, 2011, 04:27:38 am »
    TLD specific tips that seem to help:

      1. If getting crashes in battles (either RGL errors, or just no message crashes)
      • Install the Enhanced version of MnB! It helps 99% people.
      • Turn off ragdolls.   (explanation: the ragdoll engine in MaB is really old and doesn’t like our custom skeletons. Experience says this prevents many crashes mid battle.)
      • Lower your battlesize. Try lowering it slowly and see what amount of troops your computer manages to handle.
      • Lower corpses in Options. Try lowering it slowly and see what amount of troops your computer manages to handle. (turn them off competely to be sure)
      • Try setting ‘IronLauncher.exe’ and ‘mount&blade.exe’ compatibility to WinXP (some users say WinXP SP3 doesn’t work, try SP2 in that case)
      • (warning: This option is only for competent computer users! DO NOT TRY THIS UNLESS YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING!) - Try increasing your page file to 1.5x - 2x your amount of RAM.
      • (warning: This option is only for reasonably able computer users!! If you're not sure how, there's a thread about it somewhere. Search for that. ) - If you have Win7 and enhanced version (M&B.exe 2.0Mb in size) try set it as "Large Address Aware". E.g. by using CFF explorer to edit exe under 'File Header>Characteristics>click here> and check "app can handle >2gb address space", (hat tip Barf)
        2. If getting crashes in sieges, but not battles
        • Lower your battlesize to about half of your normal BS, or lower. (explanation: sieges handle the troop amounts in a different way, experience says this helps avoid crashes during sieges.)
        siege spawning toned down in 3.01 patch
          3. If getting bad performance (stuttering, low fps)
          • Consider installing this:,2912.0.html
          • Lower texture detail slowly until you see improvement. Some people say even 90% helps, some need to go lower.
          • Turn off troop names and the damage/kill report, they slow the engine down quite a bit.
          • In the most extreme cases, try playing in DX7 mode. It’s not pretty, but it’ll allow you to play.

            4. If getting corrupted save games
            You'll know you ran into the save corruption bug if: you load your game and it crashes after a few seconds of movement on the world map.
            • Try saving your games while being inside the scene (e.g. in cities or in a camp), not on the global map.
            • When you encounter a crash-prone save, try copy and rename the "last_savegame_backup.sav" to e.g. sg01.sav in MB saves folder, and continue playing with very little in-game time lost.

            Good advice to avoid save corruption:
            If you have any backup saves from before that, load it and and set the number of parties on map to a much lower number in the TLD options from the action menu. It's set to 850 by default which seems to cause the problem for a lot of people. My save first got corrupted around day 238, I loaded a save from day 218 or something, lowered the army count to 800, crashed again in a few days, then I lowered it to 750 and I've been error free since, over 300 days now. I guess it probably depends on your computer specs, not being able to handle too many scouts or whatever roaming around, so if you're already crashing at day 80-something, you might want to lower it a lot, maybe 500-600?
            Keep a lot of backup saves as well!
            Always back-up saves if you are playing on realistic. Use more than one save slot otherwise (all of them, just go through them in a cycle). I change save-slots every 30 game days, so if a save corrupts, I only lose around 30 days game-time. You can also rename last_savegame_backup.sav to one of the sg0*.sav files if it's still good.

              5. If your screen shakes/jumps and shadows flicker
              • Hi,
                It was me who wrote about problems with the screen "jumping/jiggering" when hovering the mouse over menus and about the flickering shadows and flickering mouse. The problem was so random that I thought I manage to solve it through running the game in Windows XP mode. Now I know that this was not a correct solution (I will edit my post on the board later. Now for the solution (which I think you maybe want can add to your optimization thread). The problem with the "jumping/jiggering" shadows lied in HDR mod included in TLD. The solution is to change EnableMotionBlur=0 in enbseries.ini. The flickering shadows and the flickering/no mouse problem is caused by crossfire. If you disable the crossfire option (in CCC) the problem disappears. For dual-GPU owners it may be a problem because you can not turn of Crossfire through CCC. There is a program named RadeonPro ( through which you can disable crossfire in dual-GPU graphic cards.

                Thank you

                More general tips:
                • Optimize Mount and Blade itself - many useful tips can be found here:,6.0.html
                • We’ve already converted sounds to .wav, to increase performance and avoid the vertex buffer crashes. Still, if you’re getting these crashes, try buying and installing a sound card.
                • A low quality soundtrack might improve performance and reduce crashes. Simply overwrite all the appropriate music files.

                • Save often. The game will crash, for some more than for others. Be especially careful with large battles, sieges and going into complex scenes (large settlements and so on).
                • Flora is optimized as well as we can make it, but once in a while the generation of trees and grass will go crazy and you’ll end up in a jungle scene which may crash the game. Unfortunate, but we haven’t found a way to fix this yet.
                • Get more RAM. A better GPU will result in smoother play and nicer graphics, but lack of RAM seems to cause frequent crashes. Especially if you’re running Windows7, you definitely need at least 4GB of RAM.
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