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Storymod Chapter 1 v1.5 for M&B 0.751
« on: January 10, 2007, 09:57:45 am »

Available on the Repository now!

Storymod v1.5:
Fully 0.751 compatible --

(Hosting thanks to Janus! Please don't break the Repository trying to download it! :P)


After 6 months we finally have a new version of Storymod Chapter 1. There are several bugfixes and changes that will hopefully benefit stability. It also has the latest version of Craftmod integrated with a few additional fixes. This will be the last version of Storymod Chapter 1 to feature additional Storymod content. It will be updated with new M&B releases (these will include updated Craftmod and Arena Mod versions), but bugfixing/patch support for Chapter 1 will end once Craftmod has been rendered stable in this new version.

As always, there are simply too many features to name -- you'll have to discover them yourself. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me make this thing possible, and I hope you enjoy playing Storymod. If you do, feel free to post your comments on the chat thread here.

However, while posting on the Storymod subforum, please keep in mind the following requests:
Do not ask for storyline help or information. It will go unanswered -- at least by me. Use KON_Air's FAQ/walkthrough thread for such things:
Thanks to KON_Air for making it.

I will only be answering real bug reports that are:
1) Not retreads of already fixed bugs.
2) Showing at the very least an attempt at grammar, spelling and being informative.

I will not act upon or reply to reports that don't even try to help me find what's wrong -- that, in fact, make it more difficult for me to find what's wrong.

List of known bugs is a little further down -- if you think you've found one, read the list first please.

Please note, you WILL still have to create a new character (or import one) for M&B to function properly with any new or modified version of Storymod. Otherwise wonkiness and crashes will result. I wish it weren't so, but that's the way the game works.

Here is a guide to exporting and importing your characters, by the noble fisheye:

v1.5 completed feature list:

Further bugfixes.
Should be stable now.

v1.4 completed feature list:

Bugfixes and stability changes.
Additional items.
Craftmod integrated.
Added appropriate Storymod items into crafting system.

v1.2 completed feature list:
Final bugfixes
Updated Arena Mod
New Horsemen rewards

v1.1 completed feature list:
Further bugfixes
Restored modular sounds (both Arena Mod and Storymod)

v1.0 completed feature list:
More minor bugfixes
Various code improvements
End of chapter message
One-time reward for beating the Horsemen
More new items and meshes
New sounds! X--Disabled due to lack of module system, will be included in next update

Janus's Arena Mod
RR_Raptor's Weapon Expansion
dablade's Textures Pack
Tom's Mag7 Experiment
jik's Objects Pack
The Pope's Renaissance Mod
Tom's Rusty Items
Lu Bu's Rusty Weapons
Meshes and textures from many smaller mods

Known Bugs:
-Random crashes during dialogue: This bug persists in v0.750/751, and there's still nothing I  can do. Remember to save often!

The current Storymod team, and those kind-hearted souls who contributed their work to make it better:

fisheye -- Scripting, scene modelling, collision mesh modelling
Thorgrim -- Map icons, textures, scene modelling
Yoshiboy -- Map icons, scene editing, beta-testing
Winter -- Writing and scripting

The Pope -- Renaissance Mod items, relic box, sandals, morion
Janus -- Arena Mod, BRF help
RR_Raptor65 -- Weapon Expansion models
Lu Bu -- Rusty textures (native weapons and Weapon Expansion swords)
Ancientwanker -- Many meshes and textures
Lost-Lamb -- Many meshes/textures and detail props scenes
noobsaibot -- Meshes/textures (not sure which)
dablade -- Textures (battered war shield, others?)
Jik -- Many weapon meshes, cave icon, winch object
Ryuta -- Menu background
Ubberdorc -- Many meshes and textures
Raz -- Sallet meshes/textures
guspav and the MesoAmerican Mod team -- Spanish equipment meshes
zippy1991 -- New castle scenes
elMerda -- Light charger
DaBiggman -- Cataphract horse
BCO_Prowler -- Some storyline and dialogue: dark knights story branch
okiN -- beta-testing and detail props scenes
Worbah -- beta-testing
sheek -- beta-testing
CaptainBloodloss -- beta-testing
DynamiteCow -- detail props scenes
smaug_the_dragon -- detail props scenes, Reyvadin interior scenes
borispavlovgrozny -- shield textures (hoplite shield, P shield, others)
Raz & Assyrian -- Holy War mod meshes
The Hugemod/Mag7 team

If I left anyone out, please don't kill me! Just send me a PM and I'll add you to the list post haste.


Fully working interior by fisheye, with props by Yoshiboy.

Map icon by Dreadus.

Gold trim makes the dark knight!

Gossip system, makes the merchants give you random lines of town-specific gossip.

The new country, Dalicia.

Janus's Arena Mod, slightly tweaked; lance changed to a colourful tourney lance, and sallets for helmets.

Seen from the other side.

The sallet reappears in the melee, now open for better breathing and visibility.

It's not fun unless you can play a ruthless sadistic maniac...

Sandals by The Pope.

Bronze or gold? It looks quite fetching either way.

An example of the map changes.

Some shots of one of the many new units.

And now, the piece de resistance...

Presented without comment (except that it's even better when you're in there fighting wall-to-wall with a multitude of enemies...)

This ain't your daddy's M&B anymore!

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