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Official Screenshots and Videos thread - post yours!

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What the title says. Give us your screens and vids! Show off! ;)

And stick to posting shots and videos. Posts w/o content will be deleted

MY JOURNEY THROUGH MIDDLE EARTHBased on the 31st October, 2011 TLD release
I began my journey through Middle Earth by electing to join the Elven faction, eager to string my bow and unleash shaft upon shaft of cleansing, keen pain through the unhygienic hordes of orcs, goblins, trolls, and the traitorous humans, who served them. My avatar was christened 'Meron Windus'.


12th November, 2011: Sorry everyone. I had to remove my story. There is a 40,000 character limit and the BBCode takes up characters, too. I've got 200 screenshots to post, so the story had to go.

(Fun stuff, do carry on! :))

Fantastic post! Keep 'em coming!

--- Quote from: WindusAndar on November 01, 2011, 12:51:39 AM ---I thought that, despite my inability to contribute in anyway to this wonderful project

--- End quote ---

Why you dirty, rotten, foul and villanous liar!   >:(
"I am a gamer, graphics artist, service oriented entrepreneur, teacher, and writer"

We always need good writing! Quest writing dialogues, other suggested dialogues, encounter dialogues, description texts, etc.
And the supposed patience of a teacher could also be used and abused in helping out our less tech savvy donwloaders...
GA: TBN, I'm a very patient teacher in RL :)

A chap posted this:

I rotfloled out loud laughing and rolling and multitasking.

- :D his breathing is hilarious.


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