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Before you ask a question, read the FAQ/manual:

And the FAQ answered in this post.

Q: windy_flora error! Halp!
Q: mtarini_snow_technique error! Halp!
Q: font is garbled! Halp!
Q: soldiers cant hit each other! Halp!
A: RTFM and do manual file copying correctly, from TLD/Data folder to respective places in MB folders

Q: Is there a way to change the camera's view when playing as dwarf/orc?
A: No, there is no easy lag/bug free way. So we decided to leave camera as is

Q: I have a Steam version of MnB and don't understand how to install the mod there! Help?
A: Read the third post in this thread for a complete guide:,2465.0.html

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Porting FAQ:

Q: When is the release date?
A: For the 1.011 version it was October 31, 2011. For Warband? February 15th 2014.

Q: Why don't you keep a developer's log/tell the community about progress?
A: Short answer is that it accomplishes little and takes too much time. Time that could be, and is, better spent making real progress on the mod. There's also the fact that people tend to try to construe release dates out of every update we post, which can get old very fast. However, the major factor is that we like to keep things a secret so that it will be a surprise. If we posted everything we do, a lot of the 'springing a big surprise' enjoyment is gone. We want to give you all a pleasant shock.

Q: Will you port to Warband after the 1.011 release?
A: We have.

Q: You've been porting this for over four years, why couldn't you do it faster?
A: The main project creator, Ancientwanker, was porting TLD by himself until April 2009. Even us on the Dev team at the time don't know how far he got, or how close to a release he was. In April, AW vanished without a trace. It took several months for the rest of the team to realize and come to grips with the fact that he wasn't coming back, and then decide to continue on without him. The main reason it is taking so long is because AW was the only one with the original code. We have had to rewrite all of the code one hundred percent from scratch, and over 95% of the graphics have also been completely redone. In essence, we since June we have been making TLD almost completely from scratch. That's what has been taking us so long.

Q: Why are the Devs psychopathic maniacs who hate everyone?
A: Fair question. I know it often seems that we come down hard on people, or are just plain bad tempered, but please try to bear with us. Firstly, we've been at this a long time, and the continual repetition of the same old questions would begin to tell on anyone. Secondly, we all have lives. Some of us are hard up college students, most of us have jobs, and all of us have lives outside the computer. We work on TLD in our spare time, and for enjoyment. That enjoyment can begin to pall when people start demanding things as if they have a right to our time or work. I would say this is largely why TLD development is as hush hush as it is. We're here to have fun, we aren't a corporation. Most of the time it's simply easiest not to say anything, and work at our own sustainable pace

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Nameless One:
I got a quest to capture 2 enemy prisoners for Lothlorien elves. I tried to knock out 2 orcs but I couldn't take them prisoner when the battle was over. How do I complete this quest?

Orcs cannot be taken prisoner, only humans. I know this makes it a bit more difficult, but elves simply kill orcs on sight.


--- Quote from: Seif on November 01, 2011, 11:13:25 AM ---Hi there

When and how are these cutscenes supposed to be triggered because none have been triggered for me so far.

And another question: How can I tell that the war has started because I have gotten nothing so far :D

Thanks!!!! love the game so far!!!!!

--- End quote ---

The war starts when you reach a certain level. You will get a message that it's started and the cutscenes will play.

Ya sorry about that :P but what exactly is the level required for the war to start and are there any cutscenes before that?

It's between 5 and 15. Go figure. There are no cutscenes before the war starts, afaik.


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