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My future plans for modding
« on: October 26, 2011, 08:16:35 am »
Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum but am an old veteran to the Taleworlds forum and an even older veteran to Mount and Blade. Some of you might have heard of me or my mod that I'm currently working on, Home of the Brave (A War of 1812 Mod) but I'd like to share with you some of the ambitious projects I plan to take on within the next year or so.

Home of the Brave (A War of 1812 Mod)
Taleworlds thread:
MBX Thread:,2474.0.html

As the title suggests this is a mod based on the War of 1812. The idea sprouted from a few sources. 1. My love for Musket mod. 2. My feeling that Musket mod lacked something by not having Americans. 3. The Battle of Lake Erie was fought literally right outside of my house. Everything you need to know about it is in the threads, if not then just pm me.

Elder Scrolls mod
I have yet to see one made so I figure it's something that is long overdue and I feel that I could do very well in it with my knowledge of TES lore and geography and such.

D&D mod
This will be a sort of Coup de grace of my modding career. I have not started any development of it yet other than a few models I could probably throw in there. It will be a single player mod (I'll try to do multiplayer if I can find a way to make it work) I feel that the Mount and Blade engine (Especially with the Warband expansion) is very well suited to a mod like this. Roaming npc's, easily tweakable stats, leveling, quests that could easily be re-scripted, etc. It will be a huge project once work is officially started on it and will probably include new sounds, landscapes, music and many more things.

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Re: My future plans for modding
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2011, 08:47:18 am »
If you can finish the first one, it would be plenty.
Unless you are in prison for the next three years, so you have all the time in the world to mod, and at the same time there are talented coders and artists among the fellow prisoners, and all of the inmates and prison staff cheers you on to do more work, so you'll stay motivated. Then, sure, make three mods. :)
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