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TLD 3.3 - Basic info and DOWNLOADS (+Steam info, Troop trees)

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The FAQ and Manual is here:

Dear TLD fans  8-)

The Last Days Of The Third Age Of Middle Earth Mod 3.3, for Mount&Blade 1.011 and now also for Warband is, after many years, finally released!

TLD 3.3 for M&B 1.011 (and for Warband) can be downloaded here:


A low quality soundtrack might improve performance and reduce crashes. Simply overwrite all the appropriate music files.

You may also want to try some submods for TLD:

WARNING: these are likely outdated, check if they're updated for the Warband port yet!
1) Mod introducing Warband-like animations,2889.0.html
2) Mod introducing female versions of many armors,2489.0.html
3) Realistic Combat Model (RCM) - overhauls item stats to strive for more realistic combat,2492.0.html

NOTE! Before you explode with joy, and start soiling the topic with telling us about your ejaculations and such, we must add a sobering warning:
The release IS NOT bug free, in fact we already know some, and expect MANY more unexpected bugs, appearance of broken stuff, crashes, etc to start pouring in reports by you, the players. Hence the bug reports will be welcomed on our MBX forum. The next couple of months will then be used for making ready and available patches and additional features to the mod, ones that we simply did not have time to add in now. That will also mean that any game progress you will make will be lost when any patch comes, as it will most likely NOT BE save game compatible. After a patch ALWAYS start a new game or you will report non-existent bugs carried over in the save game.

Our old previous previews are here:
Scenes Preview,135464.0.html
Gondor troops preview
Evil men troops preview

TLD on MOD DB is here, with more screenies and info:

older versions:  - Install guide for FRENCH players. (check out the French community over there!) - French Overview of the mod.  - The Manual in SPANISH - Installation guide in FINNISH - install guide in FRENCH

[*] [Ancientwanker] - father and leader of the mod, did coding, writing, even some graphics stuff until he disappeared without a trace two years ago.

[*] Abhuva - some scenes
[*] Amman - NPC dialogue
[*] Asterix - voice work
[*] Balduran - some voices
[*] Barf - 3D design
[*] Brutus - 3D modeler and texturer (Easterlings, trolls, wargs..), idea person, great guy. Hasn't been active since most of the 3D was done.
[*] Buzvonlurt - voice acting
[*] Conners - some textwriting
[*] CppCoder - brave coder, morale system smith and bug hunter.
[*] DaBlade - a sound expert, texturer, lore advisor, gameplay designer, general help. Did tons of stuff during the slow times. Taking a break.
[*] Dain Ironfoot - 3D guy, iirc did some really nice interiors and buildings for us.
[*] dunde - scripts.txt encoding idea
[*] Faradon - 3D modeler and texturer, did much absolutely lovely stuff, really understands my concept art. No longer with us due to lack of time.
[*] foxyman - coder, SVN innovator, author of the famous formation script and less famous but even more useful data structure code. No longer with us due to lack of time.
[*] freakin wat - awesome voice acting
[*] GetAssista - GA, coding, fixing, bugremoving, map work, features design and implementation, lods, optimizing, optimizing, optimizing and optimizing. And tons other shit.
[*] Giles - 3D guy, wonderful models and textures - mostly Haradrim. No longer with us due to lack of time and motivation.
[*] Gutekfiutek - we're using a modified version of his Polished landscapes flora.
[*] HokieBT - coding code
[*] Kolba - coder, started doing quests, no longer active due to lack of time.
[*] Llew - 3D models, excellent architecture (responsible for most of Gondorand some of Rohan) and lore stuff, very nice guy.  Not active atm.
[*] LynX - 3D models for 808 version.
[*] MadVader - coder, author of much of the war system and party balancing, cutscenes, quests, training, traits, rewards code, NPCs and companions, he also writes dialogue and puts brakes on our overly ambitious plans while routinely eradicating bugs.
[*] mandible - 3D tunnels, Beorning and Woodmen gear.
[*] Merlkir - concept artist, main 2D artists, texturer, very rarely a 3D modeler, custom animations, lore sage and overall a proper wanker. Did some voice acting too. The movie too.
[*] mtarini - coding wizard, voodoo master, mage, author of OpenBRF (made expressly for this mod!), all the shader magic is only possible thanks to him. Also the custom races. Attacking wargs, oliphants, orcs, uruks, trolls, windy flora and waving banners...all work properly because of him. A shining talent and an expert in the field. Also: lotsa coding, map art (including map writings), animations, and a bit of rigging and modelling (like most animated map icons)...
[*] Octoburn- 3D guy, did tons and tons of models, architecture bits, remappings & optimisations, a very nice guy who's been with us since the beginning.
[*] Pagan - composer, voice actor, kinda Australian. Kicks ass. A whole new sountrack in the making.
[*] Petrovski - voice acting
[*] Romainoir - a young 3D artist, improved a lot since he's been working on TLD, much of the beautiful elven and Rohan architecture is his work, impressive Erebor, terrain borders and cliffs, many other bits and bobs.
[*] Rongar - factionalized shops script
[*] Smile - Mearh retexture.
[*] Taal - NPC dialogue
[*] Treebeard - a coder from the PoP team who very generously let us use his battle AI and some other stuff.
[*] Triglav - a 3D guy, texturer (pretty much all orcs, gondorians, rohirrim, dunlanders, corsairs and much stuff in others are his work), glorious scene maker (designed pretty much all towns, nature, epic places, etc), overall ass kicker and whip cracker. Pushed and pulled us through the worst.
[*] Ursca - 3d guy, some of the orc stuff was done by him originally. No longer with us.
[*] Sibylla - additional hairstyles
[*] Stefano - uruks and dwarves 3D
[*] Swyter - ModDB style wizard, master of Warband porting.
[*] Yoshiboy - coder and admin, occassionally popping in with advice and insights.

A very thorough guide by M.ArdA for installing the mod on a Steam version of MnB:


The Last Days of The Third Age of Middle Earth Install Guide + Steam Install + Activation

1) Downloading the Mount & Blade Enhanced Version
Before downloading the TDL you need to setup Mount & Blade Enhanced Version

Target Directory for Steam users:

--- Quote ---"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\mount and blade"
--- End quote ---

2) Downloading The TDL

The Last Days of the Third Age of Middle Earth Download Links:

--- Quote ---M&B Repository


--- End quote ---

3)Extracting from WinRaR

Extract TLD3.0.rar file to Mount & Blade\Modules

4) Fıle Changes form Data Folder

Open theMount&Blade\Modules\TLD\Data folder. The black framed files are .brf files and copy them to M&B/CommonRes/ folder. Overwrite when asked.
The platoon framed files are *.txt and *.xml files and copy them to M&B/Data/ folder. Overwrite when asked.
The other files that red framed are the remaining files and copy them to M&B/ folder. Overwrite when asked.

5) Iron Launcher

To run the game you need to launch it through a special launcher, IronLauncher.exe, which is located in mod folder. But you need to activate your game after you installed Enhanced Version. If you have activated it before, your mod is installed now.

6) Aktivation (Non-Steam)

Write down your M&B CD-Key to the blanks up there. And your mod is installed now.  The other steps for the Steam Users.

7) Finding CD-Key on Steam

Open your Library on Steam. When you clicked Mount & Blade you will see CD-KEY on the right side of the Steam.

Click"Copy Key to Clipboard" to copy your CD-Key.

8 ) Aktivation (For Steam Users)

You know the drill in here. It's the same with step 6.

Congratulations! But its not done yet. Remember we need to start TDL via IronLauncher.

9) Adding The Last Days to Steam

Make a shortcut to the IronLauncher.exe from Mount & Blade\Modules\TDL folder. And rename it "The Last Days of the Third Age of Middle Earth"

Open Steam and Library.

Press "ADD A GAME..." on the down left side of your Steam. Click "Add a Non-Steam Game..."

Find The Last Days of the Third Age of Middle Earth that we renamed it. If you cant find it click "Browse" and the find it.

It's done!. Now you can play TDL from your desktop or from Steam.

Patch 3.01 u-up. Link in the first post (Green, you cant miss it. fixed it btw). 



--- Quote from: Duha on December 11, 2011, 09:57:26 AM ---Hi, everyone.

I am making troop tree for TLD. (using scripts) (

Some part of it is not yet ready.
I don't have formula how to get XP for killing by unit level.  (I just hardcoded values for some levels)
I don't know how to get sell price by unit level. (I just hardcoded values for some levels)
I don't know how to get unit wages. (Looks like it depends not only from level.)

I want to make images for every unit. But I does  not know how.  Looks like the only way to do it is make sceenshots from game.   It that case I need help of someone who skilled in game script.

It looks like some units are legacy of native (manhunter, Novice fighter) I hope developers can remove them in next patch.

--- End quote ---


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