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The Heros
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Welcome to the Hero topic, for setting up Npc hero relation and talk.

The npc hero.

     Npc1 : Ser Willard the Valiant

 Personality: Obstinate, but restrained and righteous. Hates thieves and liars, likes knightly hotspurs and men who prove their bravery. Tries to be a defender of the weak, often sympathizes with the Smallfolk.

Story: Born into an impoverished and landless knightly family of the North of the Reach (around the year 255 after Aegon's Landing). Willard followed into the footsteps of his father Gared and became a hedge knight, often serving as a mercenary. He made his first battle experiences as squire of his father, fighting in little skirmishes and petty bickerings of minor lords. He was almost a man grown when he killed his first enemy and styled himself knight. When Robert's Rebellion broke out, Willard had already shown his valor on several occassions. Together with his father he joined the banner of Hoster Tully and thus the cause of the rebels. In 283 AL they both were part of the rebel forces who tried to liberate the besieged town of Stoney Sept, where Robert Baratheon was hiding from Jon Connington (Hand of the King to Aerys II.). During the famous Battle of the Bells, Willard was seriously wounded, while his father Gared was killed by Targaryen loyalists. Although this event smashed Willard's earlier dreams of glory, he clinged to the ideals of chivalry, if nothing else to honor his fallen father. This glorification of knighthood became more and more obsessive. When he had fully recovered from his injury, the war was over and a new king ruled the seven kingdoms. With bitter memories, ragged and rusty arms and a stubborn will to prove the meaning of knighthood, he set out to be the best knight he could be. However, the world looked down on him as the hedge knight he was. It took years for Willard to adjust himself into a harsh reality. But at last he succeeded in making a life as a (poor but content) knight errant, earning the nickname of „the valiant“ when he saved the daugher of an innkeep from some unwary bandits. He stays true to his ideals, and while his thoughts are often melancholic, he manages to appear to others with an aura of high spirit.

     Npc2 : Septon Clarence

 Personality: Dedicated and uncompromising. A passionate beliefer in the faith of the seven, who sometimes tends to be a bit narrow-minded or even fanatical. Hates beliefers of the old faith, the red priests, tyrannical and warlike lords, and everybody who spoils the rights and belongings of the Faith. Likes pious people and „orthodox“ scholars, and is attached to the movement of the Sparrows.

Story: Clarence was born around 265 AL into a smallfolk family cultivating land north-east of Ashemark. When he was 9 years old, his parents and most of his siblings died from the pox. His oldest surviving brother, who was already a man grown and married, inherited the farm of the family, working there with the help of the family of his bride. The new farmer couldn't feed his little brother, and thus Clarence was given into the charge of a local sept near Ashemark. Clarence was raised to be a septon, and he embraced the Faith as his new family. Soon he tended to view only religious and pious people as righteous and good, and he detested ungodly laymen, even more so if they were lords who tried to patronize the Faith. As years passed, Clarence became a very dedicated priest and preacher, and he often volunteered to bring the words of the gods to distant villages and hamlets. He continued to spread the word of the gods even after the War of the Five Kings had reached the Westerlands. One such tour of preaching might have saved his life. For when he returned to the sept one day, he found the sept sacked and burned by Stark forces (who were part of the forces taking Ashemark after the Battle of Oxcross). Many septons had fled, others who tried to resist had been killed. Septon Clarence was filled with anger, and this anger turned to hate against the northerners, which he held for heathens and sinners. But his hate was also targetting the sinful lords who waged war at the costs of the innocent. He wandered through the battle-torn lands, buried the dead and preached faith and resistance against bandits, marauders, tyrannic lords and any enemy of the Faith and the smallfolk. After some weeks he had a small retinue of desperate men and women. When he heard about the atrocities throughout the realm and the movement of the Sparrows, he lead this group towards King's Landing. Unfortunately, Clarence's band of Sparrows was attacked and shattered by marauding soldiers near the Trident. Septon Clarence survived and fled, searching for a way to avenge the faithful victims of the sinners.

  Npc3 : Ser Hanik Louen

 Personality: Feels strongly that winter is indeed coming and has followed his families generational paranoia to the extremes of having huge cold dry storage cellars filled with meat mead and cheese.

 Story:From North .He was on his way to the tournament of the Hand in Kingslanding when his party was ambushed by brigands were the neck, he suspects Greyjoy raiders. He lost everything but the armor and sword he managed to save and is looking for a way to buy it all back before his father learns of the losses.

   Npc4 : Andrew Marr
  Personality Lonely man , don't like to talk , and don't like people who do it to much.
  Story: Andrew has always been a shadow, nobody sees him, yet they know of him. He likes to pick off of wealthy farmers, stealing their crops and hunting on their land. He did this ever since he was a small boy, not knowing who is father was and losing his mother from sickness. He was lucky, and found his way around the land easily. But one day, someone ruined his fun and caught him stealing from their land. This man told the boy his two options, the Wall or his hands. The boy chose the wall. The Wall was a month ride, but the man was going to meet his brother there anyways, so he didn't mind the company.
It was a grave mistake. Almost to the Wall, three Bandits attacked the two, killing the man quickly and leaving Andrew to fight for himself. Little did the bandits know of his skill with a bow, and two of those scum-bags died before they saw him take out his bow. The last ran away and will not be seen for a long while.
Andrew was out of his place, he did not know the land or the people. He decided to find the closest town, and hope that someone would take him in for employment. He didn't care what kind, just something to do.

Npc5 : Keldar Tho
 Personality : archetip of the merchant, like to talk ,communicate....
 Story : From the Summer island , he came on westeros for trade and loose all his money in some risky investisment (maybe with Petyr  Baelish??)

Npc6 : Limper
 Personality , rude , cruel, without mercy for the  enemy  but obedient and honnest soldier for his capitain.
 Story : Don't like to talk about past.

Npc7: Bello
 Personality: Shady, he likes people who sees the valor of discretion and dislikes people who are seeking out conflicts
 Story: A Dothraki who fled from a bloody dispute regarding the  possession of a slave woman. He crossed the Narrow Sea drugged half to death to brave the ship’s journey. He has decided to stay the rest of his life here as he don’t think that he could even survive a second crossing.

Npc8 : Ralf Hill
 Personality: He’s an amoral character without any sense of right or wrong, and only interested in material benefit for himself with a possible extension to his close comrades, he dislikes idealistic characters and likes cynical characters
 Story: Ralf was born as a bastard, and rise by his mother a peasant women, but decided that life wasn’t cut for him. Instead he left his home to become an outlaw in the forest and live by his own hand. Violence and intimidation proved to be something that he was good at and he enjoyed it. He hooked up with various bands of other bandits, some for long and some for short, before his last group was finally hunted down by the local knight and put to the sword. Since then he’s looking for a new party.

Npc9 : Qadrik
  Personality: Totally merciless and egocentric, he likes warlike people and dislikes people who don’t approve of a reaver’s way
 Story: A brave man ever since his birth on the islands, Qadrik was early recruited into a lord’s retinue and took part in several reavings in Essos, as well as fighting in the Greyjoy Rebellion. But after the war he felt dissatisfied that the Old Way may never come back. When the news of war on the mainland reached him he sneaked out with a smuggler’s ship and made himself a sell-sword for the chance to see battle and take loot again.

Npc10 : Ser Jeroy
 Personality: Proud and calm, he is an epitome for a father figure and a stark contrast to the ambitious youths who clamor for glory, he dislikes mindless and cruel people and likes thoughtful ones
 Story:From the Vale.  He was born as a fieldhand but early left to join up with a group of freeriders and for many years have travelled across the various parts of Westeros and fought in many wars and feuds. The most recent ones were the War of the Usurper and the Greyjoy Rebellion, where he was knighted for service well done although not given a place in the lord’s retinue. Depending on earlier needs for the story, he may have fought in the war against the Kingswood Brotherhood and/or the War of Ninepenny Kings as well.

Npc11 : Ser Symon Acorn
  Personality: Chivalrous, he likes fellow morale people and pro-Baratheons and dislikes a- and immoral people and the Lannisters
 Story: Symon had served the Baratheon family for all his life and joined as a young knight just in time to be besieged in Storm’s End by the Targaryen loyalists, and then to see action in the Greyjoy Rebellion. After king Robert’s death Symon would not stand the Lannisters, who he loathed ever since the sack of King’s Landing where Symon was born, and he left to find a new master. Joffrey’s execution of Eddard Stark didn’t make him more positive disposed toward the new regime either. 

Npc12 : Croaker
 Personality Very competent is his work ( doctor)
 Story ; Born in Lorath , became mercenary for travelling around the world and learn some new medical things.

Npc13 : Ser Tarlaw
 Personality: Honest, he likes people who fights fair and dislikes underhanded and dishonorable people
 Story: A former hedge  knight he was discharged and failed to take jobs on the fields and reverted to his sword. But he also refused to dishonor himself for gold and had mostly work with guarding various merchants’ wagons. With the new war growing he’s started to look for a way to attach himself to a lord and perhaps be taken into service again.

Npc14  : Ser Folkmar the Red Knight
  Personality:  Aggressive, he likes war and  warriors, and dislikes all those who fail to see the glory of battle
  Strory: Born in Lannisport , second son of a rich  merchant, always want to become  a knight. After his father death, his brother buy him the title of knight, and the knight gear, in exchange to never see him again.

Npc15 : Wycky
 Personality: Cautious but optimistic, she likes people who are open minded and do not like war, she dislikes aggressive people who likes war and plunder
  Story: For years her different colored eyes made her stand out in her village and people said that she was a wise woman and a witch. For many years that allowed her to be working on her own way but in the end the fear of the villagers overcome her usefulness. She was thus forced to flee and to start to look for a place where her reputation has not already caught up with her.

Npc16 :  Rilla
  Personality: Aggressive and fearless she is hungry for war and glory and only scornful of what is considered proper for a woman among the mainstream Westerosi society, she likes fellow “anarchists” and warrior women and dislikes pacifistic people and everyone from the Vale of Arryn
 Story: She was born and raised as a warrior in her Clan and she proved a talent for it. During one of their raids her brother was slain by a knight from the Vale of Arryn and she swore an oath of vengeance for that deed. After Tyrion Lannister brought down the Clans and armed them with steel, she decided that she would follow that very path. She went down to fight where she could and get her hands on steel to claim her vengeance on the knights of the Vale.
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Can't wait for this mod!

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