Author Topic: Support M&B's Modding Community!  (Read 6574 times)

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Support M&B's Modding Community!
« on: December 03, 2010, 04:14:16 pm »

The award season is upon us but sadly Mount&Blade didn't make it into phase 2 of the Indie Awards, how ever a mod for Mount&Blade did manage to get into the phase 2 mod listings. It would be a great support for Mount&Blade's Modding community to get a Mount&Blade Mod into Phase 3 of the Mod of the Year Awards.

Obviously so many of us from this community are passionate about this game otherwise why would we spend so long playing and modding it. Therefore It would be great if people could show support for it's modding community by spending a few seconds to simply go the voting page and vote for Mount&Blade - Star Wars Conquest at the following link:

^ Vote ^

[As shown below]

Thanks, I'm sure we would all appreciate seeing some thing Mount&Blade related getting some spotlight in the awards.  :)