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Bugs and Balance Issues

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Bug reports and issues with game balance (which qualify as bugs in my book :)) should go here.

Known Bugs and Issues:

* The opening game menus refer to a story that's not there.
  I'll be developing storyline materials presently; in the meantime, if people want me to remove the opening material (and/or are getting confused by it), just say the word.

* The opening game menus also present you with a small ocean of incomprehensible names and choices.
   Manual and introductory materials coming reasonably soon -- and I'll draw up spoilers for the chargen menus. A few of those options really are pretty inscrutable -- though that was partially deliberate.

* Occasional "stuttering" or freezing on the overworld map.
   I think I know the cause; I'm working on it.

* Gibberish in the town stewards' dialogues.
   This should be solved next version.

* City garrisons aren't being paid.
   A stupid mistake on my part (created two slots for town garrisons' wages); fixed next version.

* Mudslide in Delmarinen!
   Fixed in the next version. I could have sworn I'd already caught all of these...

* Recruting a bandit/deserter party doesn't ensure that parties currently pursuing them will stop doing so.
   I'm not 100% sure that this can be fixed... but then again, I'm 90% sure, now that I think about it. If it can be fixed, look for a resolution next version.

* Relative rarities of masculine and feminine armors are fouled up.
   I haven't started looking at this, but it shouldn't take too long to figure out and deal with -- it should be fixed (and item rarities in general should be better) next version.

* Cities accumulating unrealistic amounts of money set aside for the player.
   "Our treasury is 1200 rallen. ... We have 14,368 rallen set aside for your use; would you like that money now?"
   I had envisioned first going to a city as being a sort of bonus for the player, but I hadn't meant it to be this much of a bonus. Whoops... (Cities will 'plow back' money over a certain amount saved for the player in the next version.)

* Too easy to blow one's political position.
   Next version, declaring war or breaking alliances will prompt you to ensure that you really want to do this.

* Too much forest in Lun.
   Yes, more colorful map geography is good, but I've lost track of two of their cities. :) There'll be a little more woodcutting around Ostien and Labin next version.

* Invasion forces are insultingly weak.
   I had intended them to be less than totally reliable in taking cities, but not this much less...

* Multiple invasion forces heading for a city will all attack the city, even if one of them (and/or the player) conquors it.
   To be fixed next version.

* The "One Defender" bug -- cities take about a day to get their defenses on-line, and will sit around prior to that with a garrison of two Common Maidens and an Experienced Honseli Spearman.
   This is an unforeseen side effect of the rules; there's need for a "priming read" before cities start getting serious about attacking each other. This and the stuttering problem will probably both be most effectively fixed by having the player rest for a day before beginning the mod proper. (This won't be a problem in the final version, where opening storyline events will consume at least a day's time.)

* Common Maidens are useless -- and far too easy to hire.
   They're a little more useful next version.

* Weapons and armor are disproportionate.
   I'll tackle this probably the version after next, if people can "hold out" that long. Please let me know about any particularly offensive items (the 0.1.x cuirass kantis, for example :P) in the meantime.

* Bows are underpowered, especially for the player.
   This will be dealt with  next release.

* Your wife, who's already in your party, is also in a room in the castle in Baheisir; you can ask her to join you, in which case she will and your party size, with two people, will be recorded as three.
   To be addressed next version. More stuff from the story implementation that I kind of forgot to remove... :P

* Over-armored Sivaic scouts.
   I've lightened their equipment once or twice before, but it looks like I haven't far enough yet. Next version...

* And doubtless more issues I've missed...

By the way, from here on out, I'll try to credit those who point out bugs and issues (and I'll try to go back through the thread to give suitable credit to those who've pointed out these); in the meantime, let me know if you see your idea up here...

When I try to rescue a city while it is sieged, a fatal error pops up and cuts me out of the game.

Really!? What's the error message? I've not heard of anything like that -- I thought I'd fixed the siege problem.

However, make sure you're using 0.2.2, the version currently downloadable; 0.2.1 crashed when one attempted to join siege battles...

This is a variant of the city being attacked by your forces or your ally's, but when you hire a party of deserters already being tracked by friendly parties or already tracking friendly parties, the tracking party/ies will continue tohunt their targets and eneventually engage in battle, even if they now serve the same lord.


Oh... great. That tearing sound you hear is me tearing my hair out at the thought of the amount of overhead I'm going to need here. I'll take care of it next release, but I hope that nobody minds a limit of 255 deserter parties. :)


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