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Board Rules
« on: February 02, 2007, 09:16:15 pm »
To start with, let me observe that this is not a definitive set of rules yet. I haven't encountered any trouble in the thread back in Module Development / the Cartographer's Guild, and hopefully I won't here either, so this set of rules hasn't been tested in practice. Anyhow, here goes...

1. Be charitable and fight fair.
  Remember that it's easy to convey an unintended insult on the Internet; we don't realize until we're deprived of them how important tone of voice and body language can be. Assume the best until proven that you should assume otherwise. And be sure to direct arguments etc. properly: don't put someone in the position of defending something he never said; don't flame people over mods they didn't write :); that sort of thing.
  (Note that I'm not perfect on this, and I don't expect anyone to be -- just to be willing to change if a fault's pointed out. As an informal proof, let me observe that I interrupted writing this rule to modify a paragraph back in the thread that would have been in violation of it...)
  Likewise, ad hominem attacks, appeals to emotion over reason, wilful distortion of evidence, etc. will get you warned if not (eventually) banned. I like Colt's "Use proper logic" rule, and it seems good insurance just in case...

2. Don't worry -- too much -- about keeping on topic.
  Basically, if the conversation naturally goes in a certain direction, let it go that way; I won't mind. I may mark sufficiently off-topic threads "OT", and/or change the title to indicate the new subject, but don't think of this as a Mount and Blade Scary Devil Monastery.

3. Don't be afraid to ask questions. (And answer questions when they're asked.)
  There is no FAQ yet, and once there is, "Look at the FAQ" won't be a difficult thing to type. Remember, too, that the mod's very much still under development -- the answer to a frequently-asked question may change from release to release...

More rules to come as necessary -- i.e., hopefully not to come at all...