Author Topic: Possible to change indiviual units Wage? turn it to positive?  (Read 4538 times)


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hello - new to warband and im thinking that the unit - Farmer. could be more interesting if you kept it at level 1 as a farmer that it would give cash flow instead.
and in a crunch upgrade it to watchman etc etc.

it would be like a lord holding farmers/serfs under him and they work for him and provide cash flow.

so you could gather them in your cities - castles - they would be incredible weak compared to the other units - and you would wanna protect them.

but is there a way to change that individual units wage cost? and put in a positive number instead ? - unsure how the game mechanichs would work in that regard.
even better if this would be a random number - but i would be happy for just a fixed number income.

i tried to dig through the text files and use some of the unofficial modding tools - but not one of them touched the individual units wages - only the % of wages-.

hope someone has the answer.

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Re: Possible to change indiviual units Wage? turn it to positive?
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2010, 04:53:59 am »
You can't really do it with text files only. Need module system, then insert conditional (on farmer ID) code to add money into a script that calculates troop wage