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Saluting to every co soldier of mount&blade mesoamerica

we have fixed a downloadable music list so anyone can download the music freely

this post is intended for helping with inspirations and ideas the mount&blade mesoamerica modification and not taking others creations (as pirates)

we don't say take these files and copy paste them into mount&blade mesoamerica modification (as some might wrong "understand"!)

we are saying hear the music and inpire from it to make even better or even best!

actually all the themes of mount&blade mesoamerica modification seem to have been taken or have been an inspiration from movies, from other music composers, from photos, from books etc

here we don't have any information from photos or from books etc and we are helping with what we have, only from games that we had bought in the past

other persons to the forums are contributing to mount&blade modifications and are sending music and sound effects files that don't even mention their source, but we are mentioning even the most detailed source of the files

so the credits go to the ones that had created them!

use them at your own risk

(remember internet is a global sharing information after all)

a music file from Inca adventure shooter:
(Spaniard theme Atahualpa 940KB file)

two music files from medieval2 total war RTS:
(Spaniard theme 3.20MB file)

(Spaniard theme 3.62MB file)

some music files from empire earth2 RTS:
(ten Indianic tribe ambient 7MB RAR file)

some music files from Inca adventure shooter:
(the Inca themes Cuzco, Paititi, Paracas, Space gems, Titicaca, War 10MB RAR file)

two music files from Inca2 Wiracocha Nations of immortality adventure shooter:
(the Inca theme Ice temple 2.11MB file)

(the Inca theme Tiahuanaco 2MB file)

some music files from medieval2 total war RTS:
(three Indianic tribe themes 7MB RAR file)

a music file from populous the beginning:
(Indianic tribe theme 6.11MB file)

a music file from Turok action shooter:
(Indianic tribe theme 4MB file)

a speech file from age of empires2 the conquerors RTS:
(the Aztec 10.3MB file)

a battle sound effect file:
(battle 300KB file)
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we always dreamed of holding a macuahuitl (macana) and with mount&blade mesoamerica it became a reality
from up to now we always saw them from above as in american conquest RTS, age of empires2 the conquerors RTS, age of empires3 the war chiefs RTS, empire earth2 RTS, medieval2 total war RTS