Author Topic: Script to Change the SWC font | Easy, fast and noob-proof  (Read 3045 times)

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Script to Change the SWC font | Easy, fast and noob-proof
« on: March 14, 2010, 03:04:42 pm »
Hey, people, I've just made a complex script {cmd coded} to fight the "useless" of IronLauncher (and yeah, I created it  :P)
I love the real SWC font, but only a few of players use it, so I wanna change that... with this small script

With this font, you'll feel the real SW atmosphere, almost perfect... try it, if not, you can undo anytime instantly :idea:

Sorry for the Linux(Wine) users, but surely they can patch the font themselves   :P

The file weighs 944 bytes, so the old excuse of the 56kb/s modem internet connection fails!
Download Links:


1. Simply download the zip, open the zip with 7zip/winrar/winzip/windows explorer zip utility and...

2. Copy the cmd to M&B Path\Modules\Star Wars Conquest V{X.Y.Z}\Change Star Wars Conquest Font.cmd

3. Double Click "Change Star Wars Conquest Font.cmd" [Vista/Seven users maybe want to use "Run as Administrator" by right clicking]

4. Read the beauty-colored new window and press Enter

[!] Ah! The same script detects if the file has been modified... so you don't need to worry about anything, undo & redo as you can by pressing Enter...

 Hope it helps to facilitate the process to everybody!
 Greetings  ;)
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