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Q: How do I get firearms?
A: Firearms are available in Veracruz

Q: I can't get quests from the totonacs/mayans/mixtecs/zapotecs, why?
A: that's because they haven't been added yet :D

Q: I am having a hard time playing with the tlaxcaltecs they have just too few troops!, what do I do?
A: They did have a hard time historically, for starters consider allying yourself with the spaniards to make things a bit easier

Q: Why does the governor of Cuba send an army against Cortes? aren't they on the same side?
A: Historically Hernan Cortes and Diego Velazquez were rivals, Velazquez was jealous of Cortes' exploits and was also angry of his disobedience, since he was originally sent to explore the mainland and he made a military campaign instead, thus Velazquez sent an army about twice the size of that from Cortes to arrest him, Cortes fought it however and defeated it and many of those soldiers sent to arrest him joined him

Q: OK so that army sent by Velazquez appeared, what do I do now?
A: Go to Cortes immediately, he'll tell you what to do (it's pretty obvious actually, but he'll only give you the quest that way)

Q: What if I don't stop Velazquez army?
A: Every 12h Velazquez's army remains on the map, the spanish faction will be weakened by a random amount (sometimes average, sometimes pretty badly).

Q: How do factions weaken? what happens when they do?
A: Every time either a patrol or an army (or war party) of a faction is defeated  or when a random event such as a disease happens(or when diego velazquez's army is about), a faction will be weakened somewhat, when it is weakened enough it's status will change to the next worse step (eg slightly weakened to weakened) when such a thing happens the different armies spawned by that faction reduce. When a faction reaches the destroyed status, no more armies of that faction will spawn, so defend your faction!!
If it was possible, an end game thingy would be added when your faction was destroyed and return you to the main menu, that isn't possible at the moment AFAIK

Q: What's the game length menu for?
A: What you choose there will define how many armies will have to be defeated before a faction is destroyed, if you choose the fastest one, diseases will be very deadly and Velazquez's army will be your worst nightmare, if you choose the slowest one it'll take a LOT of time for a faction to be weakened

more coming soon (If you, people, ask more :P)
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