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The year is 1520...

You are a spaniard
The discovery of the New World has attracted many people from the Spanish Empire, since it promises lots of riches and adventure. You are one of Cortes' soldiers, you have embarked with him from Cuba, despite Diego Velazquez's envious attempts to stop him.
A new land stretches before you, conquistador, full of wonders and perils. Will you encounter glory and riches or death?

You are a tlaxcaltec
You are part of the young realm of Tlaxcala, you and your people have long fought the mexicas and despite their furious attacks and massive numbers you have been able to resist them.
A new challenge has arrived to the lands of your ancestors, men white as corn wielding fire and death and riding enormous and powerful beasts. They have come from the sea and they have accepted mexica ambassadors and gifts, that means that if they're with the mexica, they're against you.... perhaps.

You are a mexica
The gods have long favoured the glorious but young empire you belong to.
Lord Moctezuma and his council have achieved to subdue most people of the lands around the empire, however, there are some who resist: the people of Tlaxcala.
The blood of many humans is needed to receive the favors of Tlaloc, god of rain, else the land will be devastated with drought.Thousands are sacrificed, be them the people offered as tribute or captured enemies.
Recently, bearded men white as corn riding strange beasts and who are able to summon thunder and fire have arrived from the sea.
Has Quetzalcoatl come back for his throne? The gods must be appeased!