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GNOSTIC TWILIGHT mod help/tutorial requests
« on: August 30, 2009, 08:12:12 am »
hi guys. i'm new here at mbx.. (but i've been posting around in the m&b forum) i can do character designs, gui designs, writing stories and dialogues, 3d modelling, uvmapping, texturing, rigging, and a little bit of script to implement most of those things in-game.

i am currently working on my mod for m&b and i need help from some scripters in implementing some features that i want. but i realized from lurking that there are only about a  dozen good scripters out there and most of them are working hard on their own mods at the moment. so instead of pestering one of them out to join me in my mod, i'm taking a different approach and asking the modding community for help.. and hopefully get some tips and tricks from more experienced modders/scripters as well.. (but if there's a scripter there who has enough free time to take an apprentice then please PM me.. :D)

and yes, i am willing to learn advanced coding and i don't mind doing grunt work.. and NO i have no plans of selling my mod or anything..
(but i want be a game developer, and i'm doing this for experience and maybe get a few people to form a  core team or something..)

anyway, if you help me out with my mod, i will be glad to help you out with yours.  :)

the title of the mod i'm working on is "Gnostic Twilight" it will try to simulate the MMORPG experience for the single player.
the theme is based on my own version of the ragnarok norse mythology and gnostic themes. (ie: sophia, demiurge, etc..)
my goal for the graphics is: i want it to look similar to games like lineage2, atlantica online, etc..
and most of the bandits you will encounter are lead by NPC heroes. which are player avatars. i will create a thread later on that will ask people in the forums who wants to participate to post their avatar ideas based on the armor sets i am making. (ie: they will post their avatar name. avatar weapon specialties, avatar armor set they want, background story etc..)
i will probably design unique armor sets for people who've been a big help in making this mod as a gesture of appreciation.

currently here are the features list i want to develop: (i've already made progress with some of the features. but i figured i'll post all of them here.)

please post helpful links or code snippets.. thnx.

1)moving the camera to full 3rd person perspective:
(ideas: the valkyrie modlet,60329.msg1559908.html by silver katana allows you to move the camera after death: any ideas how to modify that into 3rd person view? also the FOV/memory hack might be useful,55163.0.html but i can't find the right memory location for that.. )

2)adding overlay mesh for GUI: how to add some GUI just like what HokieBT did for sniper scopes in this thread
here is a pic of what i want it to look like when used with the full 3rd person POV:

3)adding flames to a portion of weapon or armor: (i also want to learn how to trigger the flames to only appear after unsheathing the weapon)
i would like to implement that on the blade wings of this model i'm working on.

4)resizing, moving, and changing the health bar, arrows, and shield, and displaying a horse healthbar

5)adding a battlemap radar. (i think the fire arrow mod implemented that.. )

6)adding a morale bar. (i can't remember which mod has that. but i think i've seen one in a mod before)

7)entering your camp and letting party members duel each other (the wedding dance mod has that.)

8)letting hero NPCs separate and form their own armies. (fire arrows has that too, i think)

9)i would also like to add options to camp menu so you can order all of your hero NPC lead armies from far away to patrol, raid, follow you, etc.. no matter where they are from their screen..

10)you can customize your encampent. ie: if you have an item (pallisade wall) in your inventory and enemies attacked you while camping. it will become like a siege battle and you will fight in your camp behind your pallisades..

11)forcing your troops to march out at night lowers your morale. you must camp at night to avoid this.

12)you are allowed to create more than one siege ladders, battering rams, and siege towers during siege options. (the higher the engineering skills the more types of siege equipments will be made.) (i would probably need to create more than 1 siege scene per city/castle to implement this) (anyway, i saw a battering ram used in the wedding dance.. and i thought it was uber cool..  :))

13)how to add hunting for food?

14)villages you own can have options to spawn "hunting troops" to hunt for food and distribute to your army inventories.

15)villages you own can also have options to spawn "recruitment troops" (just like in the recruiter kit here:,62538.60.html)

16)castles you own have options to spawn their own armies. (ie: you deploy patrol armies to guard your cities borders, or send war parties that raids enemy villages, etc.)

17)cities have options to increase the number or spawn different kinds of caravans, etc..

18)towns and cities gets "upgraded" with their prosperity level. : (i will probably use different scenes for city/castle,village per prosperity level) . cities with higher prosperities unlocks higher tiered shops, castles spawns higher tiered troops, villages gives you more recruits, etc.. and going inside you can actually see the improvements..

PS: inb4 post your mod in new mods announcement board..
hurrmm... i will probably post there when i get to beta or something..
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