Author Topic: Operation to check if a party is within view of player's party  (Read 1917 times)


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Is there a function in header_operations to check if a party is within view of the player party? If you set towns to stay invisible if not in view of the player's party, using "(party_set_flags, ":center_number", pf_always_visible, 0)," the game engine will show the town when within viewing range, and then hide it again when you move away. I want to capture this "knowledge" in script, so I can set the center to now stay pf_always_visible. Any ideas? I have a hack work-around, but I'm not satisfied with it. It isn't consistent.

In addition, is setting a town/party as "disabled" going to totally screw up the caravan routes and the NPC Lord AI, since the town doesn't "exist" when disabled? I could set the towns disabled and only enable them when the player party is within a certain distance, but I'm afraid of side effects.
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