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a set of nooby questions (most prolly no-brainers)
« on: May 27, 2009, 07:31:37 am »
So, I had this other thread, but that's a bit too general. I'm posting a small set of questions here, that I can't find in the FAQ, for example. probably because they're too easy. Most are probably ones that anyone experienced can shrug off in a couple of seconds.

1. in what order are the properties for a) items and b) skills. There are numbers and spaces, I'm assuming each segment between spaces is a flag or variable of some sort. So simply put, if I want, for example, to make a weapon faster, which number to I change?

2. does changing stuff in the "module" folder of a module under work screw up savegames?

3. is there a script somewhere that has an interface to set up a fight between two characters created on the spot and in detail. Meaning, setting their skills and selecting their equipment from all available in the module in question?

4. where do you change the effects of skills? Like the percentage by which raising a skill raises a trait? For example how much wound treatment makes the party heal faster by each level.

5. I am experimenting with the system (or trying to get started, but as you can see, these small problems are surprisingly crippling), and would like to also try poking around how an additional weapon "class", namely firearms, works. I have noticed the variable in the "module" file, but that, as I believe, only makes the proficiency visible. Since I am not going to put them in anything I'll claim mine, I can copy the weapons from other mods, right? The thing is, what do I need to copy and to what destination. I have a weird feeling just taking, say, the flintlock_pistol and all until the next item name from TEATRC and copying it in the items folder in my experimentation mod file would help.

6. For a quite distant future note, can you a) add a weapons class at will and/or b) remove a weapons class, at least so that it isn't visible and/or c) rename a weapons class and/or d) essentially make a weapons class something different, not just renaming, a.k.a. for example, making polearms swingable from horseback or swords have a bonus against shields?

7. Like the above, for a distant future note. Can you make armors follow a different set of defense factors? I mean like for example having leather armor that's all-round less effective but comparatively better against blunt, and metal armor that's all-round better, but comparatively weaker against blunt.

8. Same as above, but for weapons and animations. So having, say, a special spear with different animations, but that follows the same proficiency as the rest of the polearms?

9. How about making different weapons able to swing/stab/swing on horseback/co-wield with shield or not, in addition to the ones that do so in the game? Can you code traits like this?

10. does the game actually check the weapons relative position to a target getting damaged, or does it just see if the target is at an angle and distance suited for the attack direction and weapon length? So if you change an animation, does the weapon's area of effect change with it?

11. I know there can be an area of effect ranged weapon, like the grenades in WWII China or hand cannon in TEATRC, but can there be an AOE melee weapon? Or better yet, a weapon that doesn't lamely damage everything in the vicinity, but them in a specified direction (probably in front of the player, wherever the weapon swings), or two targets but no more? I'm asking this for a really, really far-sighted future reference. In a mod I'm fantasizing to make there'd be double wielded weapons (single weapon but animations, models and such to look like two held weapons) that could damage an area or several opponents. If possible, a lunge/charge attack would be great, that'd damage a number of enemies at a time, in a small way. Both would be to combat the frustrating and in ways unfair moments when you get picked by two enemies simultaneously.

12. What format exactly are the factors using in the system? I'm assuming the armor absorption factors for example don't mean they always only absorb that amount, but instead use that number to calculate the absorbed damage from the armor properties, namely how much "+# defense" it gives.

13. How does the edit mode work? tutorial?

... that's probably it for now. If someone is kind enough to be my "mentor", a.k.a. donate a few minutes of their time per question to help me get a basic but somehow working idea of the modding system, tell me. Don't worry, I won't ask you the hard ones ("future reference") questions, just easy ones that I come up with while figuring out the basic operation of the modding system and maybe later the actual script.

Also I'm just suggesting to the people on this forum, how about a very simple, foolproof FAQ? with questions as simple as "how do I start a mod". I figured that one out myself, but it took me a day to interpret the cues so that I understood that you have to copy the files from the native folder and chisel from there

A thread similar to "ask Winter", but for all-round and nooby questions could also be in order. After all, aren't these easy questions to answer? Even if they're asked often, it's not a huge pain for someone industrious to answer them. Plus, this way you can better see what to add to the FAQs.
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Re: a set of nooby questions (most prolly no-brainers)
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2009, 03:39:32 pm »
Save game compability - sometimes, don´t take for granted, use copy. AOE - why melee? Kamikaze? Anyway, it´s a mod from the start so why not. Edit mode:,10371.0.html Individual fights - check star wars Anims and skill are not afaik, linked. Armour protect regardless of damage code. Sadly. Horseback stuff is dependant on one/twohand, damage type and such. No new skills possible, renaming, yes, again, star wars, making them dissapear has been done in older star wars so it´s possible. Skill is coded individually for each weapon. Hope it´s any help!


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Re: a set of nooby questions (most prolly no-brainers)
« Reply #2 on: May 28, 2009, 04:56:03 am »
Thanks... helped somewhat. could you use a number though or separate the answers, it's hard to see what's for what when it's all in one.

I'd want AOE, or more specifically damaging several opponents but not all in an area by melee to break the moments when you get pinned down by two opponents and can't get a hit because either one is always attacking and breaking your animation. This way it would be enough to get one hit through and you get a chance to stop both of the enemies animations. The attack would come with a damage setback, like dividing the damage in half between the recipients. Not that crucial for now though, distant future (if and) when i get my mod at least somewhat ready.

I still don't understand how to get the edit mode interface open once it's enabled... and what exactly is it used to edit? Just sound like something that may make modding easier :P

So changing the armor soak factors and the armor reduction factors don't actually make the armor react differently to different types of damage (damage code?). Or do you mean you can just have one?

I know how horseback damage works. two-handed weapons get a 25% setback. I'm asking if you can make a weapon that in native can't be swinged from horseback, like the poleaxe, swingable like, say, the bastard sword or great sword. Or a weapon that can't be swinged at all, like the ashwood pike, swingable. Or vice versa

how do you mean skill is coded individually for each weapon? do you mean the different proficiencies, that for each weapon you get to choose any of them, or that the proficiencies don't truly have any real role but to show how the underlying code is supposed to make the weapons work?


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Re: a set of nooby questions (most prolly no-brainers)
« Reply #3 on: May 28, 2009, 08:45:00 am »
I mean that each weapon has in its code swingability, bonus vs shields, class etc. You could hence likely build a seven foot, one handed knife dealing blunt through thrusts if you wanted, provided you´d find the right numbers. Look and compare, if all axes have one common intergrer that it doesn´t share with swords, that´s most likely the one for shield bonus etc.
And btw, there is (or maybe was in old version) a flamethrower in star wars mod dealing damage in a straight row, code taken (I think) from Curtain of Fire, which had lots of strange coding in it. Might be that there is something similar in the current magic using mods, Magic mod and aWoT.
Sorry, I´m not much of a coder myself, but I have spent lots of time trial-and-erroring me through script.
Also, the last post was my last one ´for bedtime, hence its rather strange formulations and such.


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Re: a set of nooby questions (most prolly no-brainers)
« Reply #4 on: May 30, 2009, 03:03:34 am »
well, pretty much all of these are answered here:,48405.0.html

All I had to do was ask them on the actual taleworlds forum.