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The Last Days preview #3 - Concept Art

Because the northern expansion was kept secret, I haven't been posting almost any concept art that I've drawn or painted. It wasn't all related to the expansion, but I didn't post it anyway. Don't know why. :D
Now I'll show you most of the stuff I've drawn since I last posted in the Concept Art thread and comment a bit.
I'll be adding two or three new pictures a day until I run out. ;) (this is just a start)

The Easterlings

not everything I draw gets made. That's an euphemism even :D very little from what I draw gets made. So it's quite awesome when something does get made. The concept of  easterlings has evolved a lot. Sometimes they were more easternish, sometimes more barbaric. AW likes Conan the Barbarian so there's a lot of influence from there in Rhun for instance. Brutus did an awesome job on both Variags and men of Rhun and they're gonna kick ASS. :)

I think the only thing used from this piece is the shoulder strapped buckler :D

Hm, this is an older one, a rhun dude with a khand mask. Again, some bits of the armour are somewhat in the game ;)

A very recent one. Various headgear, some of the helmets are already modeled by Llew I think.

Another one from that batch, tribal light cavalry. Very persian/siberian scythian inspired.


Dale is still haunting my dreams. It has changed styles more often than I change my underpants. I've spent bloody hours trying to figure just the right style and what these dudes are about. And I still haven't.

The very fist Dale sketch i painted:

Another early one. Illustration of some battle with Easterlings:

And another! :D

I like this guy. Definitely one of my favourite Dale concepts.

Of this I'm quite proud. Many hours went into this helmet. I won't show the crappy sketches that came before this, but there were many.

OK, here's one ;)

and the newest version so far:

this guy..chmm...just an idea. Probably won't ever happen ;)

I really like how this armour turned out, but since we kinda have a totally different style set, we won't use anything like it probably.



Some early warg riders revamp ideas...didn't use any of those I think :D

We have quite nice leather/bronze helmets for the Dunlendings, but I've always wanted to draw their "tall helmets" (a quote I couldn't get out of my head, I've always wondered what they'd look like). Maybe for some chieftains they'd fit, sort of like signs of their status - ancient armor. (they use similar design with the metal stripes over a felt cap as some vendel helmets. And that's a wolf on the top! :D not a pig.)

Elves always need more stuff..I always draw elves when I run out of things to concept.

Gondorians got some major loving in Triglav's revamp so I did some of those too:

Just an idea I had. The cap is a remnant of the use of karmas - the fish-like shaped helmets among the Numenorians. It can be worn as a cap (1), as a scarf/muffler (2) or as a plume (3) to distinguish friend from foe or different families maybe.
The helmet is based on a simple yet ellegant byzantine helmet. It's nice that it's composed of metal stripes, that reminds of the karma segment composition.



and some corsair headgear ;) Some of them are made I think..

two harad guys:

Dunedain and Arnor are getting a facelift as well so I drew some concepts for them.

and a completely unrelated Numenorean guard :D

Some swords for Gondor:

that's all for today ;) Tomorrow some more Haradrim and that'll be all for this preview.



- some Harad swords.

- Harondor standard-bearer

- archaic light infantry

- archaic medium infantry

- archaic heavy infantry

- 1. Young Haradrim noble probably just arrived from a hunt, because he's wearing a hunting skirt. He quickly put on the ceremonial coat to honor the occasion.
  2. A companion of the young noble - probably one of his elite guard - presents a feather from a helmet plume of a defeated enemy. He's just arrived from the battlefield so he still wears a cuirass, but he put on a tiara with the household knot instead of a helmet.

- 1. Young cavalry commander. - his rank is obvious from the officer battle kilt. He bears a typical archaic straight sword, but his helmet is tall with a horsehair plume. Yet it has the engraving depicting an ear and hair - a typical archaic decoration. That means he had it made to look a bit like helmets of the Haradrim from Harondor, but still kept the old style decorations.

2. This heavy cavalryman uses an infantry helmet with feather plume. It's not uncommon, because it's covered in white cloth to prevent heating up from the sun. He bears a straight sword and his legs are protected by leather greaves.

3. Light cavalryman in the back uses a combination of a scale skirt and padded-leather cuirass. Beside a spear he bears a battleaxe for a sidearm. He wears a leather glove on his right hand so he might be an archer as well.

4. This elite rider carrying his saddle is easily recognizable as a former member of the Lion regiment - he's wearing a parade helmet in the shape of a lion's head with a heavy plume as a mane. (there are rumors that the manes were made from hair of their defeated enemies)
Another sign of his veteran status is the sword - a curved scimitar he probably had made while serving in Harondor.

- 1. helm of a noble with a cloth cover
2. veteran royal guard helm (+cloth cap over it)
3. traditional cloth cap with a family/household knot


(I'll post some more when I draw some more. ;))

That's great! And it's really great effort.
TLD is the greatest thing that ever impressed me. I abandoned M&B for a while just because of the absence of the porting of TLD.
And here I'd like to promote myself. I mean, if you would consider recruiting one more coding guy. Coz I really want to contribute to those I like.
Seems you've seen my little kit posted here,62492.0.html. Humble though, I think it's well equipped.
So, I'm keen to join you, sincerely.

Yeah, I've seen that, Foxyman. Please, send a PM to Ancientwanker about the cooperation thing. He's been offline for a while, but I'm quite sure he'll come back soon.

Let's see the Conan-inspired Rhun next!


--- Quote from: onepostpony on April 28, 2009, 01:39:41 PM ---Let's see the Conan-inspired Rhun next!

--- End quote ---

I didn't actually concept that, Brutus mostly made models and textures AW asked for :D (some of them are in the first preview)


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