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It's been awhile so I thought we'd post some screenshots of the next version of TLD.   In the next version we are expanding the war to include the far north and have added another five factions or so to the previous set.   The older factions are getting facelifts but I'm just going to show a few shots for this early preview.

--- Quote ---From far beyond the sea of Rhun come the descendants of the ancient Wainriders; The wild men of Rhun.  Comprising a loose confederation of tribal bands, which include the Balchoth and other Easterlings, the men of Rhun have long served the power of Mordor.   Now, after years of preparations, they have been loosed to strike the northern flank of the Free Peoples at a critical hour.  Riding agile horses, hurling javelins, brandishing scimitars and spears  and shouting their odd barbaric battlecries. They bear weapons and armor strange to the west, some fight almost naked. Animal fetishes and great horned helms suggest they worship animal gods and spirits in addition to the cult of Sauron himself. Will the shieldwalls of men and dwarves hold against the black rain of their arrows?
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Khand is a land of plains to the east of Mordor. Little is known about Khand and its people. We know that they used to be great horsemen who could even compete with the Rohirrim and often fought in alliance with and even against the wainriders of Rhun. Now they're coming in great numbers and death trails in their wake. Mighty warriors with great axes, spears, tulvars and their most fearsome weapon the heavy kataphrakt cavalry. Few have lived to tell what lies behind the dreadful variag warmasks.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Some of the lothlorien update:
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Mount Gundabad orcs:
--- End quote ---

These are only a selection of units from a selection of the newer factions.  Most of the expansion factions are close to finished but it's still wip and some things will change. I'll show some other factions next time.  Maybe updated stuff from Gondor and Rohan, maybe Dale. The release date is still a few months away (before you ask).  I probably won't answer many questions because I either dont know the answer or don't want to say. :lol:

I'm not doing elaborate credits in a ss thread but credits to the usual TLD suspects and especially our new guy Brutus.  Brutus did all of Rhun, the Khand helms and weapons and the Wargs above.  Lots of great stuff. Dablade and Merlkir did the elf stuff above and Dablade did the variag warhorse.  Dablade and I did the khand armors. Stefano, myself, Triglav and Octoburn did the orc gear above.  Ah, and Octoburn and prof420 did some of the elf helm as well.....I see a Janus sword from way back too. Sorry, I'm OCD when it comes to credits. 

Holy cow, someone should be paying you guys. All of these are extremely impressive. Those Variag axes are sweet. M&B continues to be one of the best 15 bucks I've spent; AW and everyone who helped on this mod, thank you for every second of free time you've devoted to it.

When i saw this i jizzed in my pants. I can't wait!!  :green: :green:

Thanks for posting that, it's good to see the progress.


--- Quote from: Tolmo on February 21, 2009, 12:39:55 PM ---When i saw this i jizzed in my pants. I can't wait!!  :green: :green:

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