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Offering my help as a translator


As i've seen no other topic referred to this, here goes:

I'm a native Spanish (not latin :P) and i speak almost-perfect english, and i've come here to offer my help as a translator, in case TLD was going to be translated to other languages some day :D

In case i commited some kind of error, my friend who lives next to me will help, he's welsh and he speaks perfect spanish so... XD

Well this is all, i hope i can help out :o

Nim Feabeleg:
Hey Folks! ;)
Il take this chance to offer my help as a Portuguese translator in case DaBlade cant do it.
Im back to the Forums, and i have also upgraded my pc, will try to make some new voices and recruit a modeler friend of mine.

Cool. I have plenty of stuff to do already, so I'd rather leave the translation to you :)

Do you need other translators ? I can do it in French if needed... :)


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