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Troop Tree Generator 9.01.28 (UPDATED 2009/01/29)
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Many mod descriptions lack troop trees, since creating them is a boring and tedious process. Boring and tedious processes are great for automatisation, so I wrote a very simple program which creates very simple troop trees out of a "troops.txt" file.
Of course, the result can't be compared to the artistic work of a human being. But it's better than no troop trees at all and very easy to maintain after updating a mod.


Windows (212KB):


Just extract the two files from the download and a "troops.txt" in the same directory and run TroopTreeGenerator.exe.

The behaviour of the program is controlled by a config file called "TroopTreeGenerator.txt". You can open and edit it with any text editor.

Every configuration must be declared in the following form:
Code: [Select]
config name

The parameters "input" and "output" expect a relative or absolute path to the input/output files.

"renderer" determines the type of the file which should be created. Possible values are "html", "text" and "bbc". "bbc" creates bulletin board code, which can be directly used to create a post in some forums - unfortunately not this one. ;)

By changing the options "default_color", "ranged_color", "mounted_color" or "ranged_mounted_color" you can change the font color assigned to the troop types. The well known #RRGGBB format is used.

The next parameters "default_text", "ranged_text", "mounted_text" and "ranged_mounted_text" define the text for the different troop types. The following placeholders are available:



Known Problems

Because of a change in the structure of "troops.txt", which is not reflected in a change of the version number of this file, only data from versions >= 0.960 is currently usable.


Credits go to HokieBT (and therefore indirectly to Jordan) and his Troop Editor, which made reengineering "troops.txt" a matter of minutes.