Author Topic: Noobie Question about hunting scripts in existing mods  (Read 1977 times)


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Noobie Question about hunting scripts in existing mods
« on: January 30, 2009, 01:20:55 am »
Hey guys, i'm completely new to the mod scene for M&B and what i really want to do is tweak the game for my own enjoyment. I've been browsing around the boards for a while and been struggling to get a bit of a handle on things thus far so i'm helping someone could point me on the right path or perhaps to some reading material, i have some programming experience so i'm not completely hopeless.

All i really wan to do is take snippets off other mods, at the moment my target is the faction leader scrips from AoM and AI troop patrols used in SoD, but i'm not a fan of the siege weaponry or crazy troops trees that come with both the mods. If i could just isolate the scripts in the respective mods and cut&paste them into copies of vanilla script files i could start to collect all the cool things i like in the great work already done by this modding community.

So my question is should i be using any tools to simplify interperations of these files, and which files should i be diving into? I'm sure there is already a page up that explains this and if someone could point me towards it i'd be greatfull.