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Auto rigging tool for Wings3d (or anything .obj)
« on: January 26, 2009, 02:06:34 pm »
Introducing an utility converting .obj models to .smd, using template .smd models as lookup for rigging.
Download obj2smd
(updated Jan 31, improved error handling and diagnostic msg.)

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obj to smd 3d model converter for Mount&Blade/BRFedit

Unzip the obj2smd.exe somewhere.
type in command line:

"obj2smd [insmd] [inobj] [outsmd]"

[insmd] - (optional) filename containing .smd template model (or concatenation of them) exported from BRFedit, default is "in.smd"
[inobj] - (optional) filename containing an .obj model to be rigged, default is "in.obj"
[outsmd]- (optional) name of the output smd file, default is "out.smd"

For convenience, it's best to put all the files in the same folder as obj2smd.exe (saves typing in filename paths), or to name the files the default names, then you can just doubleclick the obj2smd.exe


1). Maintain the default BRFedit model orientation, that is:
- obj: Y+ is up, facing Z+, scale 1x (Y values in range [0,2])
- smd: Z+ is up, facing Y+, scale 10x
the script will reorient the obj automaticly.

2). When importing the model to BRFedit, uncheck the "Y/Z axis swap" box.

3). As a smd template, use a model of similar type and size as your obj model.
For best results, several smd models can be concatenated in one in.smd file 

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