Author Topic: automatically update after making changes with the Map Editor  (Read 4659 times)

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This is a very basic program to create a file:
  - the data will be taken from a file
  - the party coordinates will be taken from a parties.txt file

This would be helpful if you want to use the Map Editor to move items on the world map (which updates parties.txt) but want to re-build your mod using later (which would overwrite any changes to the coordinates in parties.txt)

Possible Workflow:
1) edit town names in, run build_module.bat, create a parties.txt file
2) use the Map Editor to move towns on the map, save changes to parties.txt
3) put and parties.txt into the same folder as UpdatePartyCoordinates.exe, run it and it should create
4) rename to (backup your old
5) re-run build_module.bat, launch your mod and the towns should be in the correct location

- this has only been tested very briefly on a native party file in M&B 0.960 but should work on 1.x since it appears to be the same format
- this only copies the coordinates, so if you use the Map Editor to change icons, names, etc, these changes will not be updated in


Taleworlds Forum: - I'll hopefully release a new version which can copy party names and some other info, check here for updates.,45772.0.html