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nema moved to Daydream
« on: November 24, 2008, 02:26:00 am »
I'd like to thanks to all who help or play this mod.
Especially I'd like to thanks Winter for this place.

I working now with new team on Daydream project.

And since this mod (GP) need so many work to repair things that it will work fine 1.011 and because I don't have time for double work I will leave Guardians party for a while.  :'(

I was thinking that I will take some highlights from this mod with me.
You can tell me which things you like most and which you like to see in my new project.

If there is someone who want to work on this mod (GP), I post last version and module system. He is welcome.

If you want to use some things from Guardians Party in other mods, ask me first. Some things are mine, some just borrowed.
I will not complicate about staff, but ask me first. OK?

Will Winter move this topic to Dead/Hibernated mods? I will leave this decision to him.

If you need me, you can find me on Talewords forum.
(If you ask me if Daydream is promised Guardians Party3, I must say that you are not so far away.)