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Info about different factions by Nahadiel
« on: October 11, 2008, 10:31:06 am »
While I've worked on mod, Nahadiel had collected and systematized a lot of information about different factions of Westeros, and sent it to me personally.
As I can see now, he wasn't visited this forum for more than a month already, so there is no guarantee that he'll return in near future.

I hope, this information will be useful for new modders, so I'll copy it from my PMs to this open topic.
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Unique items and North info
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Talking about characters... There are many things that should variate from COK timeframe to make a fun mod. I mean, Ice wasn’t melted to create Oathkeeper and Widow's Wail until Storm of Swords. Also, Edryc Dayne was with Beric’s party as he was his page. Jaime should be imprisoned in Riverrrun, Stafford Lannister died by Karstak’s hand at Oxcross and other details that could harm the fun. You have to decide between a completely accurate mod or a funnier one.

Following the previous line, Hullen (or Harwyn, don’t remember) was with Beric too. I mean, I can give you a huge amount of names to create parties with several NPC on them. About merchants, horse sellers, maesters and blacksmiths and armorsmiths I can give you a bunch of names and his situation. But that means more NPC in-game, thus is, more work for Sparehawk.

Also, I can give you some details on economics of each faction (if you wanna change trade goods names), some proper Lords for fleets and other details about their fiefs (though most of them are castles and not villages), sigils and motto (this will be more difficult). Following the multy hero NPC parties idea, I can give you lots of names of Lord’s brothers, heirs&sons, bodyguards and stuff like that.

I’ll post the “factions” one by one, including North, Lannisters (attaching Bloody Mummers there or with Starks if you want so), Dorne, Tully, Arryn, Greyjoy, Beric’s companions, Renly and Stannis. Be aware the two lasts are going to be difficult and I could commit some misspelling or naming mistakes while translating Spanish names for locations (I check Citadel before posting this to you). The reason for Renly-Stannis issue difficultness comes by deciding Stormlands minor houses loyalty. Some were loyal to Stannis and others to Renly, but some were split in their loyalty. To worsen things, a few fiefs where confiscated and granted to other vassals (that’s what happens when you support the far away lord and face alone the nearest one).

So on, it’s not possible to add every single minor house to the mod (you’d have 33 only with Northmen), so I’ll try posting the most important and mentioned in the books. Then, you can decide wich ones include and their heroes (Lords and their heroes). I’ll mention each house lord or lady (but just few ladies were able to fight, Mormont and few Dornish and Ironmen ones) and if they were able to fight. Also I’ll mention sons, heirs, brothers or other family members that were famous or could be added as heroes to a Lord party.

Economy: little trade. The main tradegoods are fishery, wood, furs, wool and stone crafts.

The former leader is Robb Stark, Lord of Winterfell, King on The North.
Maester: Luwin
Guard’s captain: Hallis Mollen, however, he joined Robb against Lannisters and after become scort of Catelyn when she tried to arrange an alliance with Renly. In the end he scorted Eddard’s bones to Winterfell but found the Neck held by Ironmen. His fate is unknown. The fat Tom replaced him as captain of the household guard. Allocate him wherever you want.
Master-at- arms: Ser Rodrik Cassel. He became castellan of Winterfall after Robb left it.
Blacksmith: Mikken.
Horse-seller: Joshet, actually he looked after the horses as there wasn't a horse merchant. It seemed right for me.
Cooker (could be merchant): Gage
Olyvar Frey: Robb’s page, possible NPc companion on Robb's party.

Those men are at Winterfell by COK timeframe, replacing those who followed Eddard to Kingslanding, so those are the right names.

Houses sworn to Winterfell:
Karstark: Lord Rickard Karstark, Lord of Karhold. The motto is: “The Sun of Winter”. Depending on the exact timeframe you place this house, it will change a lot. First, Lord Rickard has some sons: 2 of them die under Jaime’s sword and other (Harrion) is imprisoned in Harrenhal. Bolton frees him after. In the end, Rickard is executed and his son disappears, Karstatk become “independent” and just worry about fighting Lannisters and Ironmen. Harrion’s fate is unknown, but he joined the failed expedition against Duskendale. Again, it comes to you what to do with them.

Tallhart: Lord Helman Tallhart, from Torrhen’s square. “Proud and Free”. His brother Leobald stayed at Torrhen’s square as castellan. Both where killed in Storm of swords or later (at Duskendale and Winterfell). Benfred, Helman’s heir was killed by Theon Greyjoy. In the mod timeframe the should be alive and fighting. Do with Benfred wathever you want if you ever put him in the mod.

Bolton: Lord Roose Bolton, from Dreadfort.

Umber: Lord Jon (Greatjon) Umber, from Last Hearth. His brothers (Mors and Huther) remained as castellans while his heir Smalljon rode with Robb (possible hero).

Glover: Lord Robett Glover, from Deepwood Motte. His brother Galbart is somehow the co-leader of the family. You could put Galbart with his brother or with Robb.

Manderly: Lord Wyman Manderly, from White Harbor. He and his sons are really fat and thus unable to fight but could make good admirals.

Mormont: Lady Maege Mormont, from Bear Island. “Here We Stand”. His daughter Dacey, who rode with Robb.

Flint: 2 branches, don’t know the Lords of both:
-Flint of Widow Watch, “Ever Vigilant”. Its leader is Lady Flinch (no name mentioned and not a warrioress).
-Flint of Flint’s Finger. Robin Flint is member of this house, bodyguard of Catelyn when she was sent to arrange an alliance with Renly.

Hornwood: Lady Donella from Hornwood. “Righteous in Wrath”. Donella is cousin of Lord Manderly. His husband (the real Lord Hornwood) and his only son were dead against the Lannisters. It seems that Lord Hornwood bastard son would have something to say about this in future novels. Again, it comes to you to decide if they are alive.

Cerwyn: Lord Meger Cerwyn from Cerwyn Castle. “Honed and Ready”. Again, Lord Cerwyn died against Lannisters and his little son is the new Lord Cerwyn. Ser Kyle Condon was Medger advisor, and joined Bolton after his death. His fate is unknown since the Red Wedding (although he wasn’t there). Again, they could be alive or not.

Reed: Lord Howland Reed from Greywater Watch. Howland never left his home. Also, Greywater Watch cannot be found by non-Reeds, even by ravens, thus there aren’t maesters there.

Cassel: house Cassel hasn’t known fiefs. I assume it would be a little village somewhere. So on, Jory Cassel (Rodrick’ nephew) was slain at Kingslanding. Cassel was master-at-arms at Winterfell and later became castellan when Robb went to war.

Barrowtown: belongs to Dustin house, but no one Lord or fomer member is mentioned.

Mountain clans: only single men followed Robb to war.

Skagos clans: nobody followed Robb.

Unique weapons and armors:

Needle: Arya Stark, Polliver stole it.

Dawn: not made from Valyrian steel but metal from a fallen star, so it’s comparable. It’s believed to be at Starfall as Lord Dayne is Beric’s page and no Dayne family member has earned the title that allows to wield it: Sword of the Morning. Good stuff for a quest (or more than one) reward for Dornish characters.

Ice: in Storm of swords is melted to make Oathkeeper y Widow's Wail. Oathkeeper was given to Brienneand Widow's Wail to Joffrey. Oathkeeper is a bit longer and has 3 veins along the blade, switching red and grey patterns (Widow’s Wail has 2 veins). Their hilts are made from crimson leather and the pommel ending is a lion head.
Valyrian steel dagger with dragonbone hilt, unknown. I think was Tyrion or Petyr the last one to get it.

Lightbringer: the "magical" sword Melissandre makes for Stannis. It only glows with changing light, but doesn't fire damage or something like that.

Lady Forlon: Ser Lyn Corbray, he gained it after saving the life of his brother.

Blackfyre: unknown owner, maybe Bittersteel, half-brother of Daemon Blackfyre and one of the Aegon IV’s Great Bastards. Bittersteel is currently in exile.

Longclaw: Mormont ancestral sword, now belongs to Jon Snow.

Dark Sister: an ancient sword that once belonged to Targaryen and Darkfire rebels. It once belonged to Vysenia Targaryen and even Aemon Targaryen. Its last known owner was Brynden River, who become Lord of the Nigh Watch, Lord Bloodraven.

Red rain: owner is Dunstan Drumm. He is Lord of Old Wyk.

Brightroar: ancient Valyrian stell two-hander of Lannister House. Was lost somewhere in the ruins of ancient Valyria in Tommen II expedition.

Gendry's helm: it resembles a bull's head with a grill-like visor. Polliver wears it since Gendry was imprisoned.

Nightfall: house Harlaw ancient sword. I don’t know its current owner.

That's all by the moment, hope you find it usefull.


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Here comes what I've gathered about Lannisters. I hope you'll find it usefull. You'll have to decide some things like choosing wich NPC and minor houses should be included or not. Also, I've found some names for maesters and master-at-arms and even some weaponsmiths.

I’ve split Lannisters in Westerlands (Tywin’s domain) and Kingslanding (Joffrey’s). Let’s go with Kingslanding:

King on the Iron Throne:: Joffrey Baratheon I. Note the Baratheon surname as he is Robert’s heir from the official point of view.
Joffrey’s squires: Tyrek Lannister and Daven Lannister, sons of Tygett and Stafford Lannister, respectively.

Kinsguards: Jaime Lannister (commander), Sandor Clegane, Boros Blunt, Meryn Trant, Arys Oakhearth (with Myrcella in Dorne as “guests”), Preston Greenfield and Mandon Moore. Jaime is imprisoned in Riverrun in the books, but depending on the exact timeframe and the fun degree you want, this could be changed.

Hand: Tywin Lannister, though Tyrion is the Hand-in-functions in his absence.
Captain of the Goldcloaks: Janos Slynt, though he’s sent to the Wall as COK develops its plot. Jacelyn Bywaters replaces him.
Captain of redcloaks: Vylarr commands the house Lannister household guard in Kinglanding. He replaced the previous captain died in AGOT in Jaime-Eddard skirmish. This one and Janos/Jacelyn would make good garrison commanders for Kingslanding.
Maester: Great Maester Pycelle.
Mater-at-arms: Ser Aron Santagar. Master-at-arms should be at the arena.
Master armorer: Tohbo Mott. Ironbelly is another renonwned blacksmith.
Tyrion’s personal guard: Bronn, Chella, Shagga, Timet and Crawn. Podrick Payne is his valiant squire.
Kettleblack brothers: at the beginning of COK these men didn’t command any army neither were kingsguards. They just followed Cersei’s orders.
Maester at Harrenhal: Guliem
Blacksmith at Harrenhal: Ben Blackthumb

Minor houses sworn to Kinglanding. Be aware that many of these houses don’t fit for a MB mod as haven’t known fiefs or Lords and even their loyalty is unsure, but they have plenty of potential NPC for faction armies:

Blount: Ser Boros Blount is the only known member of this family and no fiefs are mentioned. A bad house to add to this mod ;).
Brune: there are 2 branches of this house of landed knights (really minor minor house):
-Brune of Dyre Den: the main branch, Lord Eustace Brune. No sigil known.
-Brune of Bownhollow: Lothor Brune belongs to this branch. Their leader is a knight cousin of Lord Eustace. No known fiefs.
Buckwell: The Atlers is its fief. No known lords or members besides one ranger of the night watch. “Pride and Purpose”.
Cheldsted: no mentioned fiefs or Lords by COK.
Chyttering: no mentioned fiefs. There isn’t a given name for Lord Chyttering, but he has an heir: Little Lucos.
Farrying: no fiefs mentioned and no name given for its Lord. Oddly, 2 members are under Stannis command: Bryen Farryng (Stannis page or squire) and Ser Gilbert Farryng, castellan of Storm’s End.
Follard: “None so Wise”. No mentioned members or fiefs.
Harte: no mentioned fiefs or Lord. Anyways, Ser Elwood Harte managed to capture Ser Donnel Swan (heir of Stonehelm) lately on Balckwaters battle, so it could make a decent NPC hero for Lannister parties.
Hayford: despite its role in the books, it has no known members or fiefs apart Lady Hayford (a little girl) wedded to Tyrek Lannister.
Hogg: its fief is Sow’s Horn. The only known member is Ser Roger Hogg, the Knight of Sow’s Horn.
Kettleblack: though there are no mentioned fiefs and its just a family descending from a landed knight, the 3 Kettlebalck brothers could be NPC heroes for Lannister armies.
Mallery: no known fiefs. Lord Lothar Mallery was among Beric’s party.
Massey: Stonedance is its fief but the only known member belongs to the night watch.
Rambton: no know fiefs or Lord. Anyways, Ser Hubard Rambton joined Stannis army with his 3 sons.
Rosby: its fief is Rosby and its little “castle”. Lord Gyles is old and sick, so unable to command armies.
Rykker: its fief is Duskendale and its castle Dun Fort. Its lord is Renfred Rykker.
Slynt: its fief should be Harrenhal and its lord Janos depending on the timeframe. So on, his eldest son Morros should be a squire on a party.
Staunton: its fief is Rook’s Rest. No members known.
Stokeworth: its fief is Stokeworth. “Proud to Be Faithful”. Lady Tanda rules this house. His daughter husband, Ser Balman Byrch could be an NPC or character at Stokeworth.
Wendwater: its fief is allocated along the Wendwater stream that gives is name, somewhere in the Kingsforest. “For All the Seasons”.

Tywin Lannister: former leader of house Lannister, warden of the Occident, shield of Lannisport etc. Also, he is the actual Hand, but Tyrion performs that task in his absence.
Kevan Lannister: Tywin’s brother, could be another general or a companion of Tywin. His younger sons (twins), Willem y Martyn are Jaime’s squires.
Lancel Lannister: should be at Kingslanding area indeed. By COK he was being seduced by Cersei while Jaime was out in the Westerlands.
Maester at Casterly Rock: Creylen.
Master-at-arms at Casterly Rock: Ser Benedict Broom, as there isn’t an arena there due it’s a castle, you could move him to Lannisport.
Ser Stafford Lannister: he was dead at the Oxcross, but depending on the timeframe could be placed in the mod.

Minor houses sworn to the Rock:
Marbrand: its fief is Ashenmark and its motto “Burning Bright”. Lord Damon leads this house. Ser Addam Marbrand, his heir, is an experienced commander and a proven warrior that has lead Tywin’s cavalry, wings of his army and fought in almost every battle against the Starks.
Lorch: no fiefs mentioned. Its lord is Ser Amory Lorch. Like Ser Gregor, despite having few own men, he is a Tywin commander, so he leads Tywin’s men. As COK’s plot was developed, he was left as castellan at Harrenhal and them Vargo Hoat betrayed him and fed him to a bear.
Clegane: Clegane house is a family of landed knights who holds a little keep, but it isn’t said where is that keep. So, despite Gregor has no big armies, he commands some Tywin’s men cause he is fierce and cruel.
Lefford: its fief is Golden Tooth. Lord Leo Lefford drowned near the end of COK when was trying to cross the Red Fork.
Lydden: its fief is Deep Den. Lord Lewys Lydden is the only mentioned member and fought at the Blackwaters battle.
Westerling: its fief is The Crag. An ancient and long ago rich house, nowadays is poor and has little influence as his gold mines ran out of metal. Lord Gawen has one son able to fight: Ser Raynald. Its motto is “Honor, not Honors”.
Brax: its fief is Hornvale. Its Lord is Andros Brax. His heir is Tytos Brax, and he has 2 younger sons: Robert and Flement. Lord Brax also has a brother: Rupert. This house has suffered a lot along the war, so depending on the timeframe of the mod you should remove some of these men: Lord Andros drowned at Riverrun first siege; Tytos was captured at Whispering Woods and imprisoned at the Twins; Rupert died at Oxcross; Robert was dead at the Battle of the Fords and Flement should be placed as companion near Kingslanding as he fighted in the Blackwaters battle.
Prester: its fief is Feastfires, allocated west of Casterly Rock. Its motto is “Tireless”. The only mentioned member is Ser Forley Prester, a Tywin’s commander that besieged Riverrun on the first time.
Crakehall: its fief is Crakehall. Leaded by Lord Roland Crakehall, its motto is “None so Fierce”. Ser Burton Crakehall (Roland’s brother) was killed by Beric’s party, so you’ll decide if he should be in the mod. Lord Roland fighted at the Blackwaters but died later at the Oxcross. Ser Lyle Crakehall is a famous knight, often accompanying Jaime, but he was imprisoned near the end of COK while trying to cross the Red Fork.
Payne: no lord mentioned neither fief. Podrick Payne is Tyrion’s squire and Ser Ilyn is the Justice at Kingslanding. It’s a pity he is mute cause he would perform well as an NPC there.
Peckledon: no fiefs or lord mentioned. Just Josmyn Peckledon, a young squire who distinguished himself at Blackwaters killing 2 knights, wounding a third and capturing 2 more. He was rewarded with a sword, a plate suit of armor and a warhorse from royal stables. Also, he will be granted with knighthood when he reaches the needed age. He would be a good NPC for Lannister armies or companion for Lannister players. Its motte is “Unflinching”.
Serret: its fief is Silverhill. Its motto is “I Have No Rival”. No member has appeared directly on the books.
Swyft: its fief is Cornfield. No name for its Lord. The only member mentioned is Ser Harys swyft. He’s the father of Kevan’s dead wife, wich gives him a place in the Lannister council. Anyways, he is old so is not able to fight. Its motto is “Awake! Awake!”.
Banefort: Lord Quenten Banefort, its fief is Banefort.
Estren: its fief is Wybdhall. Lord Regenard was captured and maybe shouldn’t be in this mod.
Plumm: no fiefs mentioned, its motto is “Come Try Me”. Lord Philip leads this house. He has 3 sons: Ser Dennis, Ser Peter and Ser Harwyn (a famous knight known as Hardstone).
Farman: its fief is Faircastle in Fair Isle. No name for Lord Farman.
Jast: no fiefs mentioned, neither a name for its lord. Lord Jast was captured at the Oxcross.
Kenning: its fief is Kayce, near Casterly Rock. No members mentioned.
The Brave companions: again, depending on the timeframe, you could put them with Lannisters or with Starks. With Lannisters they should be placed near Harrenhal as an independent minor party or attached to Ser Gregor Clegane’s one. If they are placed with Starks, they could be added as an independent party too, or attached to Roose Bolton’s one.
Brave Companions members: Vargo Hoat, Urswyck, Septon Utt, Quyburn, Timeon, Rorge, Bitter, Zollo, Pyg, Shagwell and Dunsen.
Other potential Gregor companions: Shagwell, Raff The Sweet and Dirtymouth.

Any house with coastal fiefs could host a fleet. If not, some famous men mentioned above (but not those leading land armies) as potential companions could be fleet commanders.


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House Tully
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At Riverrun:
Maester: Vyman
Master-at-arms: Ser Desmond Grell
Captain of the guard: Ser Robyn Riger
Leader: he leads House Tully in behalf of his father, Lord Hoster Tully.
Other members: Ser Brynden Tully, the Black Trout. He left the Vale in order to follow his nephew and defend his home.

Minor houses sworn to Riverrun: Also, I’ve added some comments about their loyalty on the Baratheon Rebellion and the upcoming events in Storm of Swords when needed:
Blackwood: his fief is Raventree Hall. Lord Tytos leads this house. He has a son, Lucas (but it’s unknown if is his heir), who escorted Catelyn when she tried to arrange an alliance with Renly. Later, Lucas was slain at the Red Wedding. Raventree Hall was conquered by Lannisters but Tytos managed to regain it, tough it was burnt down by Lannisters. Tytos is an accomplished general and really loyal to Riverrun.
Bracken: one of the chief houses of the Riverlands (as Blackwoods). Lord Jonos Bracken leads this House. Its fief is Stone Hedge. His nephew Hendry (his official heir) was killed defending Stone Hedge against the Lannisters. Somebody called The Bastard of Bracken (unclear relation to Lord Jonos) was also dead along the war. Lord Jonos never regained his home, Stone Hedge, but he sworn loyalty to Lannisters after the Red Wedding, so King Tommen gave him back his fief. After that point Bracken were left alone to fight the Blackwoods.
Darry: its fief is the castle of Darry, allocated near the Darry River and half a day south from the Trident. This house was fully loyal to Targaryens. Lord Darry ruled this house and had a heir, Ser Raymun Darry. Ser Raymon also has a son, his heir in turn, Lyman Darry (8 or 9 years old boy).
Ser Raymun was slain at the ambush of the Mummer’s Ford by Gregor and his men. At some point Lord Darry died, leaving his grandson as Lord Darry. Soon after Gregor put to the sword everybody on Darry. I don’t know if this last event was in CoK or SoS. After this events Tommen (so Joffrey is already dead) granted Darry to Lancel, but the Freys intend to claim it as 2 Darry women provided sons to Frey men recently. To complicate more the things, Beric and his party wandered around Darry and even used it as refuge at some point.
Anyways I’ve found some people at Darry (before Gregor killed everyone at Darry I think): Maester Ottomore and Ser Harwyn Plumm (Master-at-arms).
Frey this house largely known, so I’ll only post names. Lord Walder Frey rules the Twins, but cannot fight. His heir, Ser Stevron, died at the Oxcross, so now Stevron’s eldest son, Ser Ryman, is Lord Walder’s heir. Other potential names are Walder the Black, Walder Rivers, Ser Emmon Frey… Other events were beyond CoK timeframe.
Just remember that Cleos Frey (killed by bandits in his journey to Kingslanding with Brienne and Jaime) was loyal to Lannisters.
Goodbrook: no fief mentioned. This house was loyal to Targaryens, so Lord Hoster Tully attacked them strongly. Ancient Lord Goodbrook died during the Baratheon Rebellion. Current Lord Goodbrook, Lord Lymond, made peace with them. Other members are Ser Garse Goobrook and his sons, who is married to one of Lord Walder’s granddaughters. Lord Lymon was loyal to King Robb and was captured at the Red Wedding, but Ser Garse was loyal to House Frey and was killed attacking the feasting camps that surrounded the twins at the Red Wedding.
Haigh: Frey’s vassals, and remained loyal to them after the Red Wedding. Lord Leslyn and his heir, Ser Harys, are the only mentioned members able to fight. No mentioned fief.
Hawick: its fief is Saltpans, but I haven’t found any member able to fight. Just Bellena Hawick, married to Ser Hosteen Frey (son of Lord Frey). Saltpans has a harbor that was burnt down along the war.
Mallister: its fief is Seagard, a castle built to prevent Ironmen coastal raids. It’s located on Ironman’s bay, near the Cape of Eagles. Its motto is “Above the Rest”. Lord Jason Mallister leads this house, and he is a formidable warrior. He killed 3 Rhaegar’s bannermen at the Trident. His heir is Patrek Mallister, who was killed or captured at the Red Wedding.
Mooton: its fief is Maidenpool and its is motto “Wisdom and Strength”. Maidenpool is a town with walls and has a castle, nearly in a hill. Mooton were loyal to Targaryens. Current Lord Mooton, was imprisoned in his own castle by Lord Tarly (after CoK).
Paege: no mentioned fiefs. Ser Halmon Paege leads this house. He has 2 daughters (Sallei and Sylwa) who are brides of 2 sons of Lord Frey. Also, he has 2 sons: Ser Robert (a friend of Edmure Tully) and Ser Damon (whose squire, Hoster Paege is son of Sylwa).
Piper: its fief is Pinkmainden, and its motto is “Brave and Beautiful”. Lord Clement leads this house and has a heir: Ser Marq Piper (close friend of Edmure). Lord Clement was defeated at Goldentooth by Jaime, but managed to get to Riverrun, heading for Pinkmainden to defend it. Marq has fought at Lord Karyl Vance’s side for a long time. He was captured at the Red Wedding.
Roote: its fief is Lord Harroway’s town. Lord Roote leads this house, sometimes shortnamed as Lord Harroway (not the Harroway that once held Harrenhal before the Lothston). This small town lacks a castle but has a small round tower. Anyways, its importance comes from its ferry. Other member was Lucas Roote, a squire of some unknown knight, but both (Lucas and his knight) were killed by Lannisters, though I don’t know if that happened before or after CoK.
Ryger: its fief is Willow Wood. Ser Robyn Riger is the captain of the guard at Riverrun. Tristan Ryger is a friend of Edmure Tully. I haven’t found a name for Lord Ryger his role in the novels. This house remained loyal to Targaryen at Robert’s Rebellion.
Smallwood: its fief is Acorn Hall. Its motto is “From These Beginnings”. House Smallwood is vassal of house Vance of Atranta. Lord Theomar Smallwood leads this house. His wife, Lady Ravenna of House Caron remains there managing the fief. She offers shelter to the brotherhood without banners (previously known as Lord Beric’s men), and its said she has an affair with Tom o’ Sevens. Acorn Hall itself is a great oaken keep surrounded by a stone wall.
Vance: this family has 2 branches:
-Vance of Atranta: Lord Norbert Vance (old and blind, cannot fight), rules the house. His sons: Ser Ronald the Bad (his heir), Ser Hugo, Ser Ellery, and Kirth. These men are friends of Edmure Tully.
-Vance of Wayfarer’s Rest: Lord Vance died at the Golden Tooth trying to force back Jaime Lannister. So Karyl Vance took over this house as leader and has achieved some success in the war. Other member is Ser Dafyn Vance.
The settlements of Sherrer, Mummer’s Fork and Wendish are common properties of Vance of Wayfarer’s Rest, Darry and Piper.
Vypern: no mentioned fiefs. It’s ruled by Lord Lucias Vypern, who is married to Lady Lyenethe, one of Lord Walder Frey’s daughters. His heir is Ser Damon Vypern.
Wayn: the only member mentioned is Utherydes Wayn, steward of Riverrun.
Whent: once owners of Harrenhal, only Lady Shella and Wynafrei remain alive. Lady Shella has no properties since the lost of Harrenhal and Wynafrei is the current wife of Lord Walder.
Woode: no fiefs or Lord mentioned. Its motto is “Touch Me Not”. Ser Willis Wode is a sworn sword of Lady Shella Whent. He escorted Catelyn to the Erye and was badly wounded in the process. His fate is unknown, but probably remains there.

About fleets: though Mallisters could have a fleet, Lord Jason seems to be a better land fighter than an admiral. And any minor house near the rivers has one or two small war-ships, galleys and skiffs to patrol.


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The Vale:
At the Erye: Robert Arryn leads the faction.
Maester: Colemon.
Captain of the guard: Ser Marwyn Belmore.
High Steward of The Vale: Lord Nestor Royce.
Knight of the Bloody Gate: Ser Donnel Waynwood.

Minor houses swonr to the Erye:
Baelish: leaded by Lord Petyr Baeslish (not a fighter indeed). His fief is his small tower in one Finger, and maybe Harrenhal depending on the timeframe of the mod. Anyways, this house lacks any manpower.
Belmore: his fief is Stronsong. Lord Benedar rules this house.
Corbray: Hearth’s Home is its fief. Lord Lyonel Corbray’s heir, Ser Lyn Corbray is a good swordman. Ser Lyn has a squire (Mychel Redfort) and is the owner of Lady Forlon. Lord Corbray has another son, Ser Lucas Corbray.
Egen: house Egen has no mentioned fiefs or a name for its lord. Its motto is “By Day or Night”.
Grafton: its fief is Gulltown, southeast of the Erye, near the entrance of the Bay of Crabs. Ruled by Gerold Grafton, his son, Gyles, is his own squire. Those either could be admirals of some Arryn ship or be in the same sea-party as leader and his squire.
Hardyng: no fiefs or Lord are given for this house. It’s vassal of house Waynwood, and harrold Hardyng (also known as Harry the Heir) is being fostered by Lady Waynwood.
Hunter: its fief is Longbow Hall. It’s ruled by Lord Eon, old and crippled by gout. His sons are: Ser Gilwood (heir), Ser Estace and Ser Harlan.
Maester at Longbow Hall: Willamen.
 Lynderly: its fief is Snakewood. Ruled by Lord Jon Lynderly. His heir is Terrance.
Melcolm no names mentioned but its fief is Oldanchor.
Moore no fiefs or name for its lord are given. Only Ser Mandon Moore, a Kingsguard killed at the Blackwaters.
Redfort: its fief is the castle of Redfort. Its motto is “As Strong as Stone”. Its ruled by Lord Horton. His sons are Ser Jasper, Ser Creighton and Ser Jon. Other member is Mychel Redfort, squire of Ser Lyn Corbray. A guy named Dacks is Lord Redfort’s squire.
Royce: this house has 2 branches:
Royce of Gates of the Moon: the minor branch. Its fief is the Gates of the Moon. It’s ruled by Lord Nestor Royce. His son and heir is Ser Albar.
Royce of Runestone: the main brach. Its fief is Runestone and its motto is “We Remember”. It’s ruled by Lord Yohn (known as Bronze Yohn). His sons are: Ser Andar (his heir) and Ser Robar (Robar the Red of the Rainbow guard). Both Lord Yohn and Andar wear bronze armor with runes.
People at Runestone: Helliweg (master), Lucos (septon) and Ser Samwell Stone (known as Samwell the strong, master-at-arms).
Templeton: Ser Symond Templeton (The knigh of Ninestars) rules this family of land-granted knights. Its fief is Ninestars.
Waxley: Lord Edmund Waxley leads this house. Its fief is Wickenden and its motto is “Light in Darkness”.
Waynwood: its fief is Ironoaks Castle. It’s ruled by Lady Annya Waynwood (she isn’t a warrioress). Her sons are: Ser Morton (her heir), Ser Donnel (Knight of the Bloody Gate) and Wallace (really young and not a fighter). She fosters Harrold Hardyng and he maybe squire of one of his elder sons.
Wydman: no fiefs or a name for its lord. But its history is interesting. It was founded when a knight of the Vale defeated 5 enemies from greater houses during a tournament set in the Vale. Its motto is “Right Conquers Might” and its banner shows five broken great tournament lances and the sigils of the 5 defeated houses; Lannister, Redfort, Waynwood, Lynderly and Brax.

Here come some houses of the islands (Three sisters and others) and others sworn to Royce of Runestone:
Sworn to Runestone (Lord Bronze Yohn Royce):
Coldwater: ruled by Lord Royce, its fief is Coldwater Burn.
Shett: leaded by Ser Damon Shett, knight of Gull Tower (its fief). Gull Tower is allocated somewhere near to Gulltown.
Tollet: its motto is “When All Is Darkest” and its fief is Grey Glen. Its ruled by Lord Uthor.

Three Sister Islands:
Sunderland: Lord Triston rules the three islands. Don’t know where his castle is placed, but he has 3 houses sworn to him; one for each sister.
Borrel: its island is Sweetsister. Its leaded by Lord Godric, also called Shield of Sisteron, Master of Breakwater Castle (his caslte), and Keeper of the Night Lamp.
Longthorpe: its island is Longsister, leaded by Lord Rolland.
Torrent: its island is Littelsister, ruled by Lord Alesandor.

Islands north to the Fingers:
Pebble: no one of this house is mentioned, its fief is the island of Pebble.
Elesham: its fief is an island named The Paps. Pap is an old english word to name breasts (Long Live to Freud), so the island must have 2 round hills. No one is mentioned.

Some Island lords, Gulltown one and those near Gulltown could be fleet admirals. Gulltown should have the biggest fleet and the minor houses of each island could provide some ships.


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« Reply #5 on: October 11, 2008, 10:41:44 am »
Leaded by Lord Balon, King on the Seastone, this faction is divided in some islands: Pyke, Pld Wyk, Harlaw, Great Wyk, Saltcliffe, Blacktyde and Orkmont.
People at Pyke:
Maester: Wendamyr.
Master-at-arms: Dagmer Brokenbeard.

Other people of House Greyjoy:
Asha: a warrioress and a good captain. His loyal deckmen and potential companions: Quarl the Maid, Trystifer Botley and Ser Harras Harlaw.
Victarion: legendary captain and warrior who commands the strongest fleet of Westeros and wears customizes helm and cloak. His deckmen and potential companions: Nute the Barber, Ralf Stonehouse the Red and Ralf the Red.
Theon: good archer and somewhat competent rider, but I’m not sure if he should be with Starks. Shall he should be with Ironmen, he should be a land commander.
Aeron: not proper for a fighter or general. I’d put him in Pyke or another castle if you want.

Minor houses sworn to Pyke:
Blacktyde: its fief is the island of BlackTyde. Ruled by Lord Baelor.
Botley: its fief is Lordsport (in Pyke). Lord Sawane leads this house. His sons are: Harren (heir) and Trystifer (Asha’s companion). Also, there is a Maron Botley, known as Maron Fishwhiskers, who took his 3 sons and went with Theon to raid the North.
Codd:despite their “important” rule along the kingsmoot of aFfC, no fiefs or name for its lord are given. So on, the only relevant name given is a companion of Euron. Its motto is “Though All Men Do Despise Us”.
Drumm: its fief is Oldwyk. Lord Dumstan Drumm rules it.
Farwynd: there are lots of branches of this family, holding lands from the weterns shore of Great Wyk to the small islands heading west. Though, just2 branches of this family are mentioned:
Farwynd of the Lonely Light: its fief is the most western island of Lonely Light. Lord Gylbert rules this branch, his sons are Gyles, Ygon and Yhon.
Farwynd of the Sealskin Point: its fief is Sealskin Point on Great Wyk. Its ruled by Lord Triston.
Goodbrother: there are 3 known branches of this family:
Goodbrother of Hammerhorn: its fief, Hammerhorn, is on Great Wyk. Its ruled by Lord Gorold, who can call to arms a top of 40 longships.
Goodbrother of Shatterstone: Shatterstone is locatesd in Old Wyk and is ruled by Lord Norne.
Goodbrother from Orkmont: nothing is said about this branch, just that they are from the Orkmont island.
Harlaw: its fief is Ten Towers, in Harlaw. It’s ruled by Rodrik, an old man unabel to fight. Other powerful Harlaw warriors are Hotho, Boremun and Ser Harras. This is the most powerful Ironmen house after Greyjoy.
Merlyn: its fief is Pebbleton (a town with a tower) in Great Wyk. No name for its lord.
Orkmont: its fief is Orkmont, one of the smallest islands. No name for its lord.
Saltcliffe: its fief is  in the small island of Saltcliffe, ruled by Lord Donnor.
Sparr: its unmentioned fief is in Great Wyk and ruled by his unmentioned lord.
Stonehouse: its fief is located in Old Wyk, but it has no name for it or its lord.
Sunderly: its fief is in Saltcliffe, no name for its lord. They share the island with the house Saltciffe.
Wynch: its fief is Iron Holt on Pyke, ruled by Lord Waldon.
Tawney: its unmentioned fief is in Orkmont, ruled by its no named lord.

House Harlaw vassals:
Volmark: its unmentioned fief is in Harlaw, ruled by his no-named lord.
Myre: its fief (unmentioned) is in Harlaw. No name for its lord.
Stonetree its unmentioned fief is in Harlaw, no name for its lord.
Kenning: it appears on the books but not in the Citadel…

As Ironmen carry a life of hard work against the sea and stomrs, deck brawls and raiding, they are supposed to have a good average fighting level, at least while on board. The problem is at land (anyone of them could be made land general) where they lack cavalry or long spears, plate mail or archers (they have throwers).

An interesting thing… in the books it seems that everybody but Ironmen wears no armor (light leather at most) while sailing… could you create that effect? I think it could be done by the same way the player and NPC have no weapons or helmet inside the lord’s rooms. In this case, it would be done in the opposite, removing regular troops armor.


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Beric’s men:
Lord Beric Dondarrion
Thoros of Myr: uses fireswords sometimes
Edric Dayne (Lord Dayne, Beric’s squire)
Greenbeard: from the free cities (Tyrosh).
Anguy: really good archer
Tom o’ Seven: bard.
Lem Lemoncloak: good brawler.
Harwin: good rider.
I didn't find the English name for the next two, so I tranlated it from Spanish:
Lucky Jack; don't know when appears.
Mad Hunter: he appears when Arya has slept in a brothel (had the word "peach" in its name) and there were hanging jails for criminals. Then, more Beric's men arrived and he killed one Northern or Westernlander. Did so, cause men from there had killed his family. Just say this so you know when he appears and who is.
All those men are supposed to be experiencied. The rest of Beric's men should be regular troops from other trees, all of them to reflect the variety of volunteers to perform the mission Eddard gave them (with no banners if you preffer although by CoK the say they serve the King and his Hand, even when both are dead, so is possible they still wear their own banners and sigils).

Bloody Mummers:
Vargo Hoath
Septon Utt
Timeon: uses javelins and short lance
Rorge: axes, 2 handed if able
Bitter: same or swords
Zhollo: a fat Dothraki using a huge 2 handed arakh, he tore Jaime's hand.
Shagwell: this one, I think, used the spiked ball tied to a chain, you know, like a morningstar but with a chain.
Raff the Sweet: don't remeber if this one was a Gregor's man.
Dirtymouth: again, I'm not sure abut this name as I didn't fount it in English, so I translated it.
All those men are experienced. The rest should be the current 0.5 Brave Companions with a lot a variety as those men come from Westeros, Free cities, Ghis, Dothraki Sea and even further.

Potential NPC heroes for the player:
Ser Creighton Longbough and Ser Illifer: those knights who traveled with Brienne
Ser Shadrick of Duskendale: the one who was looking for Arya
Hibald: the merchant Ser Shadrick was escorting
Ser Roger Hogg
Ser Colen Greenpools
More concepts for NPC than characters “per se”:
-some hedge knights or even man-at-arms or mercenaries.
-some hunters whose home has been burnt down.
-even a Ironman raider who was taken prisoner.
-some Sparrows or Knight of The Star: they didn’t exist by CoK timeframe.
-some Broken men, villagers or famers who have lost everything and just seek a quick violent death trying to kill as many people as they can.
-some Maester apprentices from aFfC, like Sphinx or Alleras, or someone made at random.
-some Septons... yes, despite what many people think, Faith members have healing skills as maesters serve only the highborn on their castles. So on, many septons support the idea of violence to defend the faith or the weak (just as som Jessuits did in Southamerica along XVIII Century)... this idea leaded to the restauration of the Knighthood of Star by the Sparrow Highsepton. I mean, could be a Septon whose Sept has been destroyed or something like that.

Customized sigils and banners:
Boremund Harlaw - A silver scythe on pale blue (© RMB)
Hotho Harlaw - Quartered: a silver scythe on black within an embattled border. (© RMB)
King Joffrey Baratheon - Per pale crimson and gold, a golden lion rampant and a black stag (© RMB)
King Robb Stark - A grey direwolf's head on white
King Stannis Baratheon - A black stag enclosed within a fiery heart on yellow (© RMB)
Ser Aemon Rivers - Quarterly: a silver-grey castle on blue beneath a red bend sinister, three green mistletoes on gold bordered in green
Ser Brynden Tully - A leaping trout, black, on a field of blue and mud red
Ser Cleos Frey - Quarterly: a blue castle on silver-grey, a golden lion on crimson
Ser Garlan Tyrell - Two golden roses on green
Ser Harras Harlaw - Quartered: a silver scythe on black, a peacock on cream (© RMB)
Ser Loras Tyrell - Three golden roses on green
Ser Lothor Brune - A bearpaw, brown on white, beneath three apple cores red, green, and red, on a golden chief. He didn’t earnt his sigil until Blackwaters.
Sigfryd Harlaw - Per bend black and silver, two scythes countercharged (© RMB)
Tyrion Lannister - A golden hand in a circle of golden lions on crimson
Walder Rivers - A silver-grey castle on blue beneath a red bend sinister
Ser Colen of Greenpools - A grey field strewn with bluejays. At Highgarden's service for some time.
Ser Creighton Longbough - A brown chief on green. Not until Blackwaters.
Ser Illifer the Penniless - Gold and ermine gyronny. Not till Blackwaters.
Ser Shadrich of Shady Glen - A white mouse with red eyes on blue and brown undy.

This list is only contains people that are alive at CoK. So on, I added some comments as some of then didn't earn their banners until the Blackwaters. Furthermore, most of those sigils would be only for customized equipment and not for the main map, so maybe they don't worth the effort. Others would worth the effort like Tyrion, Robb, Joffrey ones.


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Dorne and marshals
« Reply #7 on: October 11, 2008, 10:48:35 am »
here you have info about Dorne and my thoughts about the marshalls add on from newer versions of M&B.

Version .950 brought the marshalls. These men are named by each faction leader as his major general and every other lord or party leader must follow his orders (even the leader faction himself) not only in the map, also in the battlefield. Maybe this concept doesn’t fit for some factions, but I think you aren’t forced to create a marshall for each faction at the beginning of the game. So, if you wanna add them, here come some suggestions:

Faction leaders: as happens with merchants, castle guards and those characters who appear in cities and castles but not in the main map neither command armies, you could create faction leaders who exist in those places but don’t exist in the main map. Why? Doran Martell is old and crippled by gout unable to fight, just to rule. Lord Robert is an ill boy unable to both rule and fight. And Joffrey, despite only few years younger than Robb is an spoiled boy unable to fight and a very poor ruler (Cersei and Tywin rule). What to do then?

Phantom leaders: place a Doran Martell character in Sunspear as faction leader, but don’t give him an existence in the main map. He exists, he owns Sunspear, but he doesn’t go to war. He gives missions and rules. Who would command the Royal army? Oberyn or Areo Hotah would make good commanders. If Areo isn’t a commander, he could be an Oberyn companion or the captain of Sunspear garrison.

Place a Lysa Arryn character in the Erye speaking on Lord Robert’s behalf. But she is unable to fight. Who leads the Royal army? The High Steward of The Vale (Lord Nestor Royce) or the most powerful minor Lord, Lord Yohn Royce would do. You don’t need to create a Robert character, give Erye to Lysa as “regent” and say that Robert is too ill to attend his bannermen.

Cersei-Tyrion and Tywin are the actual rulers of their faction. Place a Joffrey charactrer that does nothing (silly talks if you want), a Cersei (or Tyrion) character who would do as Lysa’s one, ginving orders and speaking on Joffrey’s behalf. Who would command the Royal army? Jaime could do, despite he is Lord commander of the Kinsguard. Just put some companions with him and leave some Kingsguards (i. e. Boros and Meryn) garrisoning Kingslanding. But wait, didn’t Tywin ruled the faction and the military issues? Make him Marshall.

Overall resume:
Dorne: Doran cannot fight, he is old and crippled (phantom leader who rules). Areo or Oberyn lead the Royal war party. This faction doen’s need a marshal as Oberyn or Areo are performing this role. If still, you wanted a marshal, Lord Yronwood could be.

The Vale: Lord Robert doesn’t exist. Lysa as regent is the phantom leader on his behalf and owns the Erye. Then, give the Royal war party command to Lord Nestor or Lord Yohn. This faction doesn’t need a marshal as one of Royce lords are performing that role. But if you wanted one, the one who doesn’t command the Royal party could be.

Lannister: Joffrey exists in Kingslanding, but does nothing. Cersei (phantom leader) as Regent Queen owns Kingslandig and rules it (or Tyrion as Royal Hand) as Lysa or Doran do. Give Royal army’s command to Jaime and put some Kingsguards as his companions. Then, make Tywin the marshal and he would “de facto” rule the faction. To create a bigger effect, make Tywin’s parties bigger than Jaime’s. If you aren’t going to add the marshalls feature, placing Tywin as faction leader (but calling him “Lord tywin” and Joffrey/Cersei as a simple lord (but calling hin/her “King” or “Regent”) would have the same effect without marshals.

Stark: This faction doesn’t need a marshal as Robb commanded all the armies. If you want one, Roose Bolton would fulfil this role. After all, Robb gave him half of his army to attack Harrenhal.

Tully: Ser Brynden Tully as both Robb and Edmure trust him and his experience a lot. This faction should have a marshal, as Brynden tells his nephew what to do.

Ironmen: Victarion cause he is the Ironfleet commander. This faction could have a marshal cause Lord Balon spents many time in his castle and is Victarion who goes away to piracy and raid.

Stannis: maybe Lord Celtigar (he rules the greates minor house sworn to Stannis) or Lord Seaworth, his trusted friend. Given the complete authority Stannis has, a marshal wouldn’t fit this faction.

Renly: Lord Mace Tyrell. A marshal Could fit this faction as Renly doesn’t command the biggest force of the Tyrell-Renly alliance. You know, he needs Mace’s agreement to move all those knights.

Important note: this pattern could be applied to all those minor houses ruled by characters unable to fight (Ladies, old and ill men, little boys). So they (or somebody in their behalf for boys or really old-ill people) could be at their castles giving missions and his heirs or trusted knights could lead their party. An example: Lady Hornwood rules House Hornwood, but she is not a fighter. So, some Hornwood knight (his husband and son are dead) could command his army while she is giving orders in her castle.

Leader: Doran Martell, he rules from Sunspear, but he’s crippled by gout, so he isn’t able to fight.
Prince Qentyn: Doran’s son, he is Lord Yronwood’s squire, so he should be a companion in his party.
Prince Oberyn Martell: Doran’s brother, a really good warrior with spear. His daughters, Obara, Nymeria, Tyene (maybe ven Sarella) are fighters, so they could make good companions for any Lord, mainly Oberyn or Areo. Oberyn could command the Royal war party.
Areo Hotah: captain of Doran’s guard, a really gifted warrior with his halberd. His place should be garrisoning Sunspear, but as Doran cannot fight he could lead the Royal party too if Oberyn doesn’t do it.
Maester at Sunspear: Myles.
Maester at Watergardens: Caleotte. I think watergardens should be owned by Oberyn, so he would have his own fief.
Princess Aryanne: he is not a fighter so I wouldn’t place her leading a faction.
Steward at Sunspear: Ricasso, old and blind.
Castellan at Sunspear: Ser Manfrey Martell (could form part of Sunspear garrison).

Minor houses sworn to Sunspear: note that by some reason their coat of arms are round instead of a tower shield.
Allyrion: its fief is Godsgrace, ruled by Lady Delonne. Its motto is “No Foe May Pass”. Other members are his heir Ser Ryon (and his bastard son, Ser Daemon Sand, the bastard of godsgrace). This is another good example of a phantom leader while Ser Ryon commands the army and Ser Daemon is a companion.
Blackmont: its fief is Blackmont, ruled by Lady Larra. His heir Perros (funny enough, in Spanish means “dogs”) is somebody’ squire but maybe could be leader of Blackmont’s party.
Dalt: its fief is Lemonwood, this big family of landed knights is ruled by Lord Deziel. His younger brother, Ser Andrey could be his companion.
Dayne: its fief is Starfall. Lord Edric Dayne is Beric’s squire and should be in his party. So on, another member should “own” and rule Starfall in his absence (another phantom leader). I suggest Ser Gorold Dayne (the Darkstar), a fearsome warrior who pretends to achieve the “Sword of the morning” title that would allow him to wield Dawn.
Fowler: ruled by Lord Franklyn, its fief is Skyreach and its motto “Let Me Soar”. Lord Franklyn is known as “The Old Hawk” and holds the title “Warden of the Prince’s Pass” what makes me think he can fight despite his age.
Gargalen: its fief is Salt Shore, ruled by Lord Tremond.
Jordayne: its fief is Tor and its motto “Let It Be Written”. Lord Trebor rules it.
Ladybright: no fief or Lord mentioned, but Lady Alyse Ladybright is lady treasurer for Doran in Sunspear (could be the guild master as Petyr in Kingslanding, though sound a bit rough to see a noble offering tasks in a street).
Manwoody: its fief is Kingsgrave. It’s ruled by Lord Dagos. His sons are Mors and Dickon (don’t know if they have enough age to fight) and his brother is Ser Myles.
Qorgyle: its fief is Sandstone, ruled by Lord Quentyn. Other member is Ser Arron Qorgyle.
Santagar: its fief is Spottswodd. This family of landed knights is ruled by Lord (Ser) Symon Santagar. His heir is Lady Sylva (don’t think she is able to fight). Ser Aron Santagar it the master-at-arms at the Red Keep but was killed along the riots of Kingslanding (fortunately this happened later on CoK I think).
Toland: its fief is Ghost Hill. Ruled by Lady Toland (unable to fight I think).
Uller: its fief is Hellholt (a castle). Its ruled by Lord Harmen. His brother is Ser Ulwyck.
Vaith: its fief is Red Dunes. It’s ruled by Lord Daeron.
Wyl: its fief is Boneway. No member has appeared yet.
Yronwood: its fief is Yronwood and its motto “We Guard The Way”. It’s ruled by Lord Anders, who holds the title “Warden of the Stone Way” and is known as “Bloodroyal”. His son Cletus seem to be capable man cause was given an important mission by the end of FfC (supposedly, to hire the Golden Company). Prince Quentyn is Ander’s squire. Maester at Yronwood: Kedry.

There is somebody who could be a companion to anyone as I cannot place him: Ser Gascoyne from Greenblood. Don’t know if he is an Orphan.

For admirals… well, as said before, Dorne han no important fleets, but some Lords or son of lords (owning coastal fiefs) could lead a fleet.

Falling back to NPCs... in .950 and .951 the NPC companions tell histories about their lifes to the player. This gave an idea to create some companions. Basically, to create a companion we only need to give him a background composed by:
-were he/she comes from (could affect the initial equipment, language and their look)
-his role on Westeros (affect their initial equipment and skills)
-his role in the player's party

Were he/she comes from:
-Dorne, North, Iron Islands, Kingslanging and its surroundings, Stormlands... Free cities, Summer Islands and Dothraki.

His role in Westeros:
This is the lifestyle he/she had before joining the player: maester (or apprentice), septon, mercenary, raider, farmer/lumberjack/hunter, thief, brigand, soldier, knight, member of a noble family, trader, wildling (from north or the Vale), sailor,deserter from the Night Watch, pirate, squire, artisan, inn keeper and guard (jail, city...).

His role in the party:
archer: rather on foot or mounted, they could have some spotting, tracking and pathfinding skills.
Crossbowmen: maybe like Bunduk in Native, be a decent trainer and good infantry soldier.
Infantry men: a good ground fighter like Mathel in Native with any useful skill like training.
Knight: a hedge knight or one who sworns loyalty to the player. A good mounted warrior. It also could be a heavy rider from north or a good lancer from Dorne.
Healer: any maester or apprentice could be if it has the silver piece. Also, a wandering septon like Meribald (low folk lack acces to maesters in the castles) or any townsman proficient with some healing herbs. So on, the daughter of a minor noble could learn some healing skills.
Engineer: again, a maester with teh golden piece (maths). Also, a specialized mercenary in sieging. Even an artisan (an architect or mason).
Thief/looter: somebody with athletics, looting and spotting and tracking skills.
Trader: good at bartering. Could be a merchant, inn keeper, artisan.

From: Ironman, Dothraki, Nothern, Free cities, wildling.
Lifestyle pirate, sailor, brigand, soldier, mercenary.
Role in the party: looting skills, athletics on foot or horsearchery if mounted (Dothraki), some power throw and even few points in a party skill.

Mounted warrior:
From: The Reach, The Vale, Riverlands, North, Westernlands, Stormlands, Dorne... Free cities. Dothraki.
Lifestyle: Knight, hedge knight, mercenary, soldier (man-at-arms), son of a noble, squire, wildling, brigand.
Role in the party: the strong guy riding a hunter/warhorse and delivering couched lance damage around the battlefield.

From: everywhere.
Lifestyle: a maester (if you hold a castle), an apprentice of maester with the silver piece, a mercenary with healing skills, someone with magicall powers (a Red priest, someone with First men knowledge), daughter of a noble, a wandering septon, a wildling tribesman whose role in the tribe was near a chaman's one.
Role: who doesn't like to have a good healer in the party? The maester could have some low engeneering or trade. The mercenary and wildling some combat skills and so on.


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Re: Info about different factions by Nahadiel
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Well, it's all I've received from Nahadiel.
I assume, this is a quite useful and well-systematized information, so I don't want to keep it dead in my PM box... :)

Hope, Nahadiel will not blame me for it when he'll return... ;)

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Re: Info about different factions by Nahadiel
« Reply #9 on: October 11, 2008, 11:19:13 am »
Thank you for that wall of text  :lol: (jk).

It will be really useful for new features/content.

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Re: Info about different factions by Nahadiel
« Reply #10 on: October 12, 2008, 10:03:44 am »
@ Clegane:

I've got an electronic copy of the pen-and-paper RPG book for ASOIAF by Guardians of Order. It contains a wealth of information on Westeros, and should serve as an excellent reference guide. If you want it, I can send relevant excerpts to you.

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Re: Info about different factions by Nahadiel
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@ Clegane:

I've got an electronic copy of the pen-and-paper RPG book for ASOIAF by Guardians of Order. It contains a wealth of information on Westeros, and should serve as an excellent reference guide. If you want it, I can send relevant excerpts to you.

Thank you Night Ninja it'll be much appreciated.


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Re: Info about different factions by Nahadiel
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