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Thank You, Greatly
« on: September 13, 2008, 08:18:30 am »

I am Lord Naismith, and I am a recent newcomer to the game Mount&Blade, but I have already become very passionate and a fan of this great game.  I have don't have a very good computer, so when I bought the game, I ended up having to look for a previous version to play.  .751 was my limits, and among the mods I found and was recommended to by various sites, Storymod came up frequently.

After giving it a try, and handling the random crashes every now and then, I have this to say:

Thank you.

Your mod is very enjoyable and full of such diversity and unique depth.  I know a little of how much work you and your team put in, for I played the native for quite awhile as well, and the changes and realism you brought into Storymod was....phenomenal.

I play other games that have mods as well, and I have seen the all-to-common problem of head modders saying 'Hey! Got an idea for mod!  Gonna be out soon!'.  Then, nothing. 

I am very proud and happy to have played the .751 finished version of Storymod.  I throughly enjoyed it, and I intend on continuing to play it until I get a better computer to update to the latest version of Mount&Blade.

Your work deserves recognition for its hard efforts, and completion in such an early stage of Mount&Blades evolution.  As we know, .960 is out, but thanks to you, I am enjoying .751 with such joy and replayability that will sustain me a long time.

I thought that you deserved this thanks, and I really hope you continue in whatever work you choose to do, and continue to put such great work and drive into as you did for this mod.

Congratulations on such an accomplishment.  Keep it with you, and be proud.

Lord Naismith

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Re: Thank You, Greatly
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2008, 03:48:19 pm »
Thank you. I wish all my projects got such a response. ;)