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Nvidia Plug-in .dds questions
« on: June 10, 2008, 02:48:55 pm »

I was wondering if anyone here has older versions of the plug-in.Apparently I've been having alot of issues with the newer version. It doesn't seem to support mipmap fading as it just spurts out pure white images. I downloaded V2.00, frankly it's quite old but the mipmap fading works;however, there are alot of glitches. Mainly it just keeps switching the colour that I want the mipmap to fade into. (I was using V8.23 (latest building I assume)) I heard that  > v7.xx  does support mipmap fading relatively well.

Other issues that I face is when I tick "keep current mipmaps" it saves it at weird rations. Example:
512x512 becomes 512x256.

Bear with me few more questions (I'm relatively new to the .dds format)

Do .dds files support alphas with greyscales (or is it more of the engine side) I notice that most MnB alphas are 1bit.

What profile do I have to save the .dds file so that it reads the alpha as a spec map int he channel tab (or is there more to it, if so, I've been trying to find a link to read it more up)

I've mostly been changing textures in the native settings and would like to texture or re-texture some of the armours though the specular map  has gotten me into a corner pondering how to overcome it.

Thank you in advance!