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I wrote an Unofficial Troop Editor for Mount & Blade which allows direct editing of the troops.txt and party_templates.txt files and should be compatible with M&B versions 0.90x and 0.95x. This allows viewing and modifying the following information:
  • troop names
  • troop attributes
  • troop proficiencies
  • troop skills
  • troop items
  • troop upgrade paths
  • troop flags
  • troop factions
  • troop faces
  • party templates

Even if this is not used to directly edit the files this may be useful as a modding tool since it allows you the ability to easily review troop information which may be helpful in balancing the game. Also, please be aware that when modifying the troops.txt or party_templates.txt files you have to start a new game for changes to take effect.  I've done some testing with this on version 0.903 and 0.950 and everything seems to work fine but please let me know if there are any problems.  A screenshot and link to download is below:

DOWNLOAD - http://www.mbrepository.com/modules/PDdownloads/singlefile.php?cid=3&lid=709

March 21, 2008 - version 1.0
Initial release with the ability to edit troop names, attributes, proficiencies, skills, and items.

April 4, 2008 - version 1.1
Editor now includes the ability to edit troop upgrade paths and flags. Also included some minor bug fixes.

April 10, 2008 - version 1.2
Editor now includes the ability to edit troop factions and faces. Also included some data validation and minor bug fixes.

May 5, 2008 - version 1.3

Editor now has the ability to modify some of the data in the party_templates.txt file. Made the editor compatible with M&B version 0.950 (version 0.90x still works). Removed COMDLG32 from the code so Windows Vista users will not get an error. Minor changes to the interface and some bug fixes.

thanks to Jordan and his great item editor for assistance with understanding the troops file

Download Old Versions:
a few people have requested the older versions of this editor due to a problem running in Windows Vista (version 1.3 fixed this issue)
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