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***This version is not supported by the current team.***  Feel free to download and play it, it works with the older M&B version.

A Song of Ice and Fire Mod 0.4.2 for M&B 0.903 
Welcome to A Song of Ice and Fire, a mod for Mount and Blade, based on on epic fantasy novels by George R. R. Martin.

King Robert Baratheon is dead, his Hand of the King - lord Eddard Stark - is executed as traitor, and the lands of Westeros brace for war. House Lannister, whose daughter Cersei was Roberts queen, claims the throne for her young son Joffrey. Renly Baratheon, with support of House Tyrell, claims the throne for himself. House Martell wants to take advantage of the situatin and become independent from the Irone Throne again. In the north, House Stark gathers its strength to defend what is right and revenge Eddard Stark's death. Looking at that, King Balon Greyjoy of Iron Islands decides, that there wouldn't be better time for restoring ironmen's power. The War of Five Kings awaits you...

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  • 5 factions with adapted names of kings, knights and troops:
    • Lannisters
    • Starks
    • Baratheons
    • Tyrells
    • Martells
  • 20 hireable NPC heroes (incl. adapted faces, char-values, items, dialogs)
  • Adapted faces, char-values and items for all kings and knights
  • Wildling-Quest (replaces the river pirates quest)
  • 3 new arena fighters (in Happy Boar)
  • 14 unique powerfull items - legendary weapons and armor
  • Proper banners for all knights
  • Arena Expansion included
  • Possibility to join Greyjoys-Invaders
  • Hireable Brave Companions (fully customizable mercenary troops)
  • Different prices for different prisoners (from newer version of BoW)
  • Targaryen Loaylists as one of new enemy parties
  • New (dornish) items
  • New troop-trees (now mounted troops for every faction)
  • Detailed and precise map of Westeros.
  • Most knights binded to their proper estates (towns and castles) [new in 0.4]
  • There is a Wall and an Others behind it... [new in 0.4]
  • Coins now called 'stags' and 'dragons'. There is an option, when start new game, how many stags in 1 dragon - 210 (that's right count) or 100 (wrong, but more comfortable) [new in 0.4]
  • Game starts at year 298, and there are no names for months, they called just "2nd moon" or "9th moon"... [new in 0.4]
  • (Optional) Greyjoy invaders spawns continuously and raze nearby villages... However, invasion could be stopped by keeping amount of active greyjoys scouts at low level... [new in 0.4]
  • (Optional) Winter coming... Others spawns countinuously, just like Greyjoys, and when their amount rises, they begin to spawn further to south... [new in 0.4]
  • Tweaked goods supply in towns (e.g. furs in Winterfell, spices in Sunspear, wine in Highgarden...).[new in 0.4.1]
  • Included Town Siege Fix 1.02 by Seff.[new in 0.4.1]

Minor changes in version 0.4.2
  • Added new unique items:
    • Rhaegar's armor set.
    • valyrian axe.
    • dragonbone bow.
  • NPCs in Castle Black have completely new dialogs and appearance.
  • Opponents while training in Castle Black now are Samwell Tarly, Jon Snow, Beardless Dick and Alliser Thorne himself.
  • Fixed horses for Dornish Nobles.
  • Stark Knights renamed into Northern Heavy Horsemen, since there was not so much true knights at North.
  • Lannister's Kingsguards renamed into Lionguards and vice versa, since Kingsguard should be a top of knight's career.
  • New texture for wights' face.
  • New textures for valyrian blades.
  • All Lannisters now have true golden hair.
  • Map was turned 180, so the Wall is really on North now.

  • Chivalric (whole work on mod up to v.0.3)
  • Sparehawk (map, banners, scripting)
  • Kid (faces, equipment, dialogs)
  • horkesh (new troop-tree, new items)
  • Gohda (banners and textures)
  • Gellan (banners)
  • HokieBT (mod logo, dialogs, new items)
  • Teshin (textures)
  • To Janus (basic version) and NCrawler (porting to 0.9xx) for allocating Arena Expansion
  • To the Band of Warriors-Team for allocating their source-code (link & credits)
  • To Seff for Town Siege Fix
  • To Elio M.Garcia and Linda Antonsson for their awesome site The Citadel and especially it's Heraldy section.

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