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Is this mod dead

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sir ithian:
So is this mod dead?

Yes  :(

sir ithian:
Thats too bad :'(


--- Quote from: ex_ottoyuhr on November 24, 2007, 10:35:13 AM ---Neither dead, nor disinterested -- just sidetracked. Really sidetracked. This is, of course, a direct consequence of that strange job I've mentioned so often -- I left it at the beginning of August, having finally had enough, and managed to get everything packed and move back home (no sense paying rent -- a large amount of rent -- while unemployed and in the wrong state), but only a couple of months later.

At present I'm without a computer that can run M&B .89x; my development computer is in storage in Madison, Wisconsin, and I'm in the Nashville area of Tennessee (apologies to fans from most of the world for the intra-United States directions). I've got a very interesting set of job prospects, though -- it turns out that consulting for hospitals installing this company's software will pay much, much better than working for the company itself did. So I may be relocating to the new-game-company-friendly environs of Portland, Oregon soon, but "soon" means "at the end of the year" or later -- no one hires during early December, I think.

I'm trying to spend the time productively, though. I've gotten somewhere in developing "Honseli Latin," we might call it -- the acrolect ( form of the Peija language. It's a literary language not actually spoken much of anywhere, of course, but I'm going to use it to represent the spoken languages of the mod (and, knock on wood, other Honseli cultures -- I hope this isn't the last we see of them). I just completed the grammar yesterday, and will be moving on to developing words and sample texts. This is not a project directly apropos to ASLOW, but it only has to be done once, and once done it's sure to help me enormously with naming -- no more Turkish cities or heroes with Serbian names, at long last.

I find myself wondering at times what I'm doing developing ASLOW's setting at all when there are so many other, more important time periods in this continuity that I haven't much more than sketched out -- but part of what I'm doing with it is providing the world a proof of concept. That's important...

But I do hope to find more support when my next round of development begins than I did during the previous one. Maybe if I release more often... I look forward to working with the new system, though -- probably its code for some of what I'm doing will be cleaner than my version, and it'll spur me to finally include villages like I've intended to since very early on in ASLOW's development.

But naming 50+ villages and ensuring that their names don't duplicate too often -- and don't duplicate elsewhere in the setting! -- is going to be a tall order indeed. There are two ways to world-build -- the easy way, which produces vague, bad, or embarassing results, as it did even for Tolkien; and the right way, which is, well, a little long. :)

But in general -- I don't die, I don't lose interest, I just go into hibernation for very long periods of time. :)

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