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Welcome to RPGmod. Start Here.
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RPGmod can be downloaded here:



RPGmod is for version 0.751 of M&B. The mod is unfinished, buggy and I am not working on it anymore. It ends when you would expect to enter the light dungeon. See other threads in this forum for some work arounds and known bugs.

And source:



Once upon a time there were three gods and two godesses -

Embertris - the god of fire
Nagamakis - the god of earth
Elexoris - the god of water

Anathros - the godess of dark
Cinthoros - the godess of light

With their powers combined they created a world in perfect balance. Embertris created the sun, which scorched deserts into the surface of the earth. Nagamakis created the plants and animals that roamed the world. Elexoris created the oceans and rivers. Finally Cinthoros created the day and gave living beings the gift of sight, Anathros created the night where those that did not want to be seen could hide and those that needed rest could sleep.

My many many hundreds of years the world functioned in a wonderful balance - a great diversity of species evolved. Reminants of the Gods' and Godess' magic remained and some beings learnt how to gather and harnis it's power for their own. The study of magic grew and sources of this magic were traced back to 5 stones. When these stones were found a great council was formed. This council knew of the power of the stones and that they must be protected from those that could misuse them. They decided to seperate the stones into the 5 corners of the earth and build a guarding fortification around them, filled with troops, traps and puzzles. All to stop those that might misuse them get their hands on them.

Hundreds more years passed, generations and generations passed. Soon the stones and their guardian dungeons were all but forgotten about - they only remained as myths and folklore. Their protection was past is glory days and had fallen into ruin as many wre forced to adapt to living their normal lives.

Meanwhile a great evil was waiting, a fallen wizard some say - a master of the reminants of magic. Waiting for his time to make a rise.

This is when the one was born. Some say a counter from the gods. Some say it was pure chance. This one is you.

Anyway, some information about the process i have made on RPGmod so far and how it will play:

The Chapters

the world map of RPGmod is divided into 6 areas. One area is for the introduction and the 5 others are seperate parts, or "chapters" to the story. The start of each chapter will see the charater running around, playing some of the many, many mini-games. Talking to NPCs in towns and working out some of the mod's storyline and what they should do next or completing the Many (i keep saying many because i cant promise any numbers yet) NPC mini-quests that will be typically given. Each area has its own unique feel and enemies to fight. Each chapter will see the player gain a new NPC charater or 2 to his party and will end in a elemental dungeon. More on the dungeons later.

For example: Chapter 2 (chapter 1 being the introduction quest) is set on the plains, the unqiue enemy are the hoards of undead that roam. Some example of mini-games are cow milking, a fair including horse racing, many tournaments, the areana, a field mini-game and an abandoned farm area. The dungeon here is the earth dungeon, which contains undead, wood elves, minotaur and armadillos. The NPC charater that you gain is a earth magicial called Harry.


The dungeons use a very unique code which i have written which allows for something very special. The dungeons are connected from room to room, and the player passes from one room to the next, navigating the dungeon, solving puzzles and fighting enemies. The played must flick switches, find keys, fight mini-bosses, you name it. Their health is stored from room to room meaning that messing up in one room hinders your chances for the next. If the played dies then he is transported to the dungeon start or the last "save" point he passed through, these save points are normally situated in "safe rooms". Also in these "safe rooms" the player has access to his inventory and generally there is a heal point to restore the player's health.

The major dungeons generally consist of 30 rooms (all individual) which the player must navigate and work his way to the end of. The dungeon will end in a climax and a boss fight which the player must win. Very simple.

Dungeon rooms are navigated simply by walking right up to the door that you want to pass through, M&B will jump the player to the correct scene in the correct position. The player can simply turn around and walk back up to the door if he wants to return to the room he was in. Switches and other things may be activated in the same way, the player simply has to walk up to them.

There should be enemies in most dungeon rooms. If you defeat all of the enemies in a dungeon room then you will recieve a reward in the form of experience and gold - as will your NPC heros that are still alive. The enemies will not re-spawn in that room for a set time. This time is optional and can be set in the RPGmod options.

Your heros will follow you through the dungeons. If your hero dies in a dungeon room, then, like the enemies, he/she will take a set amount of time to recover. This is optional and can be set in the RPGmod options.

The World

The RPGmod world is a very classic RPG. Your only party will be the NPC heros that gain throughout the story, many of these will have magical powers and be able to learn their own spells and powers. These charaters will be essential to your success in RPGmod and very much the dungeons. Hopefully each one will have their own personality and they will each feel very individual. This of course means that you wont have your own army to command in RPGmod. To compensate for this a unique script has been written that allows the player to command fellow parties that he meets. You will have the normal commands: "Follow me", "Hold this position" etc. But you will also have a handful of special commands. The "Attack" command finds 5 random parties in range of the player and gives the player the option of picking one for attacking. The "Cover Me" command makes a party appear as your re-enforcements in any battle you join (subject to change). It also keeps your player from getting killed if he dies dependant on your hero death options.

NPCs will be commmon, roaming (and by roaming, i mean roaming. They will use the walking NPC script that i co-developed with winter) all the towns. You will be able to talk to them to find out information about the world or have the possibility to do quests for them. And no slacking off, I plan to have this area of the mod fully fleshed out.

There is no war going on in the world of RPGmod, (as such :P ). There will be one united faction that all towns are part of. The battles will take place simply between this faction and the many monsters, bandits and evil races that roam the lands. As the story progresses this faction will become aware of the growing evil and it will be your role in commanding their armies to help you destroy it.

The world of RPGmod is not so different from that of Calradia (mainly for the reason that i cant be bothered to make new house meshes). Although there will be one or two important differences. We're talking RPG, we're talking the two M's. Magic and Monsters.


Magic, magic, magic. Now, i don't want to be giving away too many clues as to how i did this :P because its still one of the key features of my mod. We are currently standing at around 45 individual spells in the mod, every one avaliable for the players consumption. I'm aiming more in the region of 55-60 for the mods finish, so that should give you a little something to mess around with. There are 5 elements in the world of RPGmod. Fire, Water, Earth, Dark and Light. When the charater starts a new game he picks his allignment, what this will do is determine which spellbooks he gains as he levels up, but more than that. There are also a set of elemental weapons, mounts and other magical items that the player will gain dependant on his magical alligment. Hopefully this will add a little replay to the mod, but don't worry. Your not getting skimped of all the good stuff. You will still get 9 individual spells as you level up, as well as the elemental mounts, weapons and other items.

But how do they actually work. Well currently there are a range. The majority are simply like ranged weapons with very pretty effects and sounds on firing, don't worry each one of these in individual both in its firing method and in its visual effect. But apart from these obvious spells (which i have to add in so the NPCs can actually use something.) What other cool spells do i have. Well i've made a few - I've managed to get spells like the aura spells. They boost the stats of your heros for a short time. I've also got a semi-working version of area damage spells, they have a handful of limitations but the base is there ;). There will be numerous other neutral element spells which the played can gain throughout the story. These will typically do interesting effects. Heal spell, half spell, teleport spell, ghost spell. Typically my dumping ground for all the cool effects i couldn't make standard.

One last thing about spells. Before you can fire any spells you need mana: Mana very simply is the firing ammo for spells, certain manas can do extra damage and certain spells take certain amounts of mana. It sounds better than it is, don't worry ;)

Later on in the game you will have acess to even more special types of mana, these have varying affects. "Soul mana", gained by collecting the souls of your fallen enemies and sacraficing them to the Gods will give you acess to some of the most powerful spells in the game.


Monsters, monsters, monsters. One thing i have tried to do with RPGmod is create a world full of monsters. You have to forgive me in places because i am suprizingly limited in what i can do. it all has to be based off certain skeletons and blah blah. Basically humanoid stuff is best. Each monster should be pretty individual. I've tried as best i could to make monsters that have a different feel when you attack them. E.G the armadillos i mentioned above. They are pretty fast and tough and they run around the feet of you and your team, the only real way to get them is to aim right down with your sword and stab overwise they are quite hard to hit. Or, the yeti you've seen in so many screenshots. The yeti's skin is bloody tough and easily the best way to kill it is a spellshot to the head. In fact, its pretty damn hard trying to do it any other way. He is so strong he easily slices his way through the pathetic yeti-hunters of the mountain. Although, the yeti-hunters are essential. Although they can bearly hurt him, their weapons keep him stunned so that the yeti-lightsmen can hurt the yeti by burning its skin with their torches....the point is, every monster has to be approached in a seperate way and so each fight is interesting.

Boss fights are something i really wanted to do in RPGmod. I've really put my creative thinking hat on for each one of them to try and give you an original experience for each one you fight. The hardness of fights is no longer determined by the number of enemies on screen or the number of people riding a horse. Like any classic RPG you have to think for each fight and work out a way to attack the boss. It takes more than just your level number and the amount of money you have.

My progress with RPGmod is as follows:

I'm just over the half way mark with the mod now. Also complete is the start quest and various bits of code. Like i said above 50+ spells are complete and all the monsters and people and stuff that live around the 4 two dungeon areas are complete.

The storyline driven gameplay currently stands at around 7 hours.

The release is predicted for Christmas.

Questions are welcome, but don't expect me to answer them if i don't want to disclose information about that subject area at this time, or i simply can't answer it.

the one and only,


P.P.S if there are spelling mistakes, bite me.
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